Monday, December 14, 2015

Hello All!

Hello All,

   Well this week was an interesting one. I found a copy of MOTAB (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) silent night. The one where Walter Cronkite narrates. We listen to that about once every day or so. That is a lot of fun because now we can all sing a long, I hope our neighbors can't hear us haha.

   So every Saturday we teach an English Class and for the past few weeks there has been hardly anyone coming so our district decided to do some banner finding for it. So we all went to a bridge in Sha Tin and handed out fliers... Then a monsoon started... so that was, shall we say character building. It was actually a lot of fun. We discovered that if we said something in English then "We teach a free English class" in Chinese It worked better. However most people don't speak English so we just started saying nonsense like "my pants are too tight" then "We teach a free English class" in Chinese or in English "I can't swim". It was very therapeutic. I sometimes would speak German, then they would be confused, then I would speak English, Then Chinese. That was some good fun.

   Yeah so as I mentioned above we had a monsoon this week. Or as we would call it in Oregon "just another day" it wasn't too bad. just rain for a few days. It really reminded me of home. 

   Also this week Elder Phung and I were out finding and we met a nice lady and she invited us in the next day so that we could talk some more. So the next day we went back and she had made a dessert. Which was tofu and a hard boiled egg in some kind of broth. It wasn't that bad... the first time. but every time I got close to finishing it she would fill up my bowl again. So I had like 4 bowls of the stuff. So it started to be almost unbearable. The problem also was that we had eaten before and were already full so every spoon full was a nightmare. So when we were finally able to share our message she talked straight for and hour and a half about terrorists. There is a Chinese Culture thing where if the other person breathes in a sentence or in my case pauses to think of a word, even if it is for half a second and you are mid thought they will interrupt you and talk for as long as they want. It is really hard to think that that isn't supper rude here. So we kinda got a message out over the TV. So that was an interesting 2 and a half hours.

   Moves were this week as well. I didn't get moved so that is nice. My trainer and I will stay here for another 10 weeks. That is the plan at least. There will be some shuffling in January but nothing to really worry about. I am glad that I am staying so that I can get to Know this awesome ward even better.    

Love you all,
Elder Walker

Me and my district leader

My Christmas stocking

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