Sunday, April 30, 2017

Move Calls. Week Week 89 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this was a week. I am exhausted. I went on two exchanges last week. One with Elder Lee and one with Elder Cobabe. Those were a lot of fun. I love elder Lee. I think I have talked about him here, but he is super funny and is a native from HK. So he gives my Chinese a good workout. He is a super good missionary. The other one with Elder Cobabe was also a lot of fun. I like going to Ma On Shan it is super pretty. While we were there we taught a lesson to a Less Active with Yoshi. After the Lesson Yoshi took us out to lunch. We went to this super good Japanese restaurant and ate until we almost died. The food was AMAZING though. Then for dessert we had some fancy ice cream (Picture attached) Super good day.

   Those days were pretty much back to back so I was exhausted by that point. The rest of the week was pretty normal. We had a good kids English class on Saturday morning. Then Saturday evening we had a ward FHE. That was a lot of fun. They sent us home with a lot of food! We were in charge of the game and we decided to do statues. That was a lot of fun and I think the members liked it. 

   Other than that it was a pretty normal week. I did a lot of paperwork last night to close the month and open the new one. Then we got our move calls. I will be moving to Tin Sui Wa. Way north and Way on the other side of the mission. So that will be interesting. I will be junior companion under a guy I don't know very well. He goes home in 6 weeks so that will be the first companion that I kill. (when missionaries go home they say they "die" or in other words, their mission is complete) Should be an interesting move. It is also strange that the sisters that I met at the end of my time in the MTC are going home this Thursday. That means that I am an OLD missionary.   

Elder Walker
 me and Elder Cobabe ice cream

Yoshi and his girlfriend 

Elder Smith and his taahm ji bib to avoid the spots on his white shirt

statue game at FHE

The following pictures of the Ward Family Home Evening or FHE were posted on the
Tai Po ward's Facebook page.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Another Week in Paradise. Week 88 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This has been an interesting week. I had anticipated going on 2 exchanges but canceled them both because I had a TON of meetings this week. So looks like that is going to be what happens this week. We also got to go to the temple! That was awesome! It might have been my last time in Hong Kong but we shall see. 

   Yeah so last p day was great because we got to go to the temple. It was super hot like it was 34 at 10:15 am. Which is hot! Plus all of the Humidity and the suit and it was rough. It was great though because a member from Tai Wo ward gave us a ride in his car! So that was great. Then for pictures we had the whole district there. We took a few pictures and then decided to do one where every one was jumping in the air. We did and the member ripped his pants about 6 inches! So after the temple he just left his white temple pants on. That was funny. The temple is the best I wish we could go more often but oh well. 

   We also got great news that Elder Cook of the 12 apostles will be visiting us in like 2 weeks so that is great! We know he will take a picture with us I hope he speaks too!

   On Tuesday we had a combined district meeting so that Elder Ashton and I could share a message with the zone. That went well I think. I hope every one apples the things we shared. 

   This last Saturday we had a missionary run Easter activity. We had a good amount of people come and so I think that went well. We were hoping that the members would bring some of their non member friends. But that is OK, next time I guess. 

   We had a good meeting with the Stake President last night. We Thought that the meeting was going to be an hour long. Tuned out that after 2 hours we were not even close to done. We got a lot of things done though so that was good. A long meeting is fine so long as every one is on the same page and good things get done. Our Companions were not super happy about that but that is ok. haha

   Lastly there have been some things happening with a person we are teaching. We are working with the Bishop and Stake President very closely. There is much pride and anger and we are trying to resolve it and it is causing some emotional stress in me. That is alright though so long as the will of the Lord is made manifest it does not matter what happens to me. 

   By this time next week I will know what the moves calls are! I think I am moving but I am not sure. 

Hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Walker

Videos are at the end...

Having fun translating

Dog troubles in Tai Po

Ward Party Game

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter. Week 87 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This has been a really good week. Not a whole lot has been happening. We are really desperate for new investigators. We are trying a bunch of different ways so I guess now we just have to wait. 

   I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with one of the district leaders in the zone. He is over the Mandarin district. That was fun. He is an interesting guy. He is a new district leader so it was fun to answer some of his questions. He will be really good once he has gotten the hang of it. 

   We had a few days that we didn't have to use the AC so that was good because it was a cool temperature. Yesterday we used all of our extra time because the hours don't roll over to the next week so today we are back to no extra and we are gonna be very sweaty. That is one of those things that I have gotten used to that I wish I didn't get used to. Sometimes I am in a members house in the summer and We are super sweaty and I know I smell terrible and it makes me feel bad for the member because they have to pretend to be nice to me when I smell like a pig. 

   Anyway it was a pretty standard week. Until Sunday. We came home from church, had lunch, and prayed into personal study and suddenly a massive parade started. I took a bunch of pictures and videos and sent them home. Hopefully everyone can see them. There were dragons fighting each other and other performances. It was super cool! Very very Chinese!  I am not sure why we had it, it could have been for Easter and it could have been for something completely different. 

   We get to go to the temple this week so that is awesome!!!! That does mean that today is not our Pday. So we are going to do emails and buy groceries and that will be it. Then we will go back to work.

   I also got my birthday package! It had cereal in it! I was very very happy!!!

  That is all for this week!
Elder Walker

He asked for a bag of Marshmallow Mateys for his birthday! 

Parade Pictures

Video of Gordon Walking on the street on HK Island

Parade Videos

Monday, April 10, 2017

20 Years old. Week 86 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This was an interesting week. This last Tuesday we had MLC which is all of the Sister Training leaders and the Zone Leaders and the Assistants and President Lam getting together and talking about how we can improve the mission and discussing the problems that we are facing in all of our different areas. That was a great meeting. A great add was also lunch. It was Taco Salad!!!!!!! That was so good! I have not had corn chips in a long time. So essentially we had nachos. That was amazing I have not had that in a very, very long time.

   Then on Thursday I went on exchange with Elder Chen. That was a lot of fun. We used to be companions so is was just putting the dream team back together. I went to Ma On Shan while we were there we had a member invite us over for lunch. That was nice but it was one of those "they shove an insane amount of food down your neck and there is no way you can finish it all kind of lunches." But the food was nice and we thanked her. 

  The best part of the week though was probably General Conference! The way we watch it is instead of two hours before each session there is only one hour in between. This is because most people go to the chapel to watch. All of the sessions were great. I especially liked the priesthood session. I am going to download all of the talks and listen to them as we get ready in the morning. It was also kinda strange that President Monson was not at 2 of the session's. I guess that is what happens when you are an apostle for 50 or so years. 

   This Saturday was also my birthday! I am now 20 years old!!! That is super weird. I made a video sitting at my desk about that day and stuff. I only told a few people but everyone found out and we had a great time between the session's. Yoshi got me a Thomas the Tank Engine book in Chinese Characters because he knows I like that and to practice reading Chinese. That was super cool he is the best! I am proud to have spent the whole of my 19th year of life in the dedicated full time service of my God. I have been changed in ways that I never would have anticipated and all for the better. (Except for spelling. That has gotten much worse.) 

Love you all and hope every one has a great week!
Elder Walker 

Yoshi and I

Birthday Cake!
Nice Photo Bomb by his Companion!

Me and Elder Chen

Gordon's Birthday Message

Haircuts at night

Quick view of Birthday Dinner

Singing Happy Birthday

Monday, April 3, 2017

NEXT WEEK IS CONFERENCE!!! Week 85 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well I didn't get to watch conference yet! We watch it a week later so that it can be translated into Cantonese. I am very very excited. I will have watched every conference of my mission aside from the one that happened when I was in the MTC in the field in the Tai Po chapel so that is kinda cool. This will also be the last General Conference of my mission. I am supper sad about that. So I hope that it is a good one!!!

   This week was an interesting one. We had our interviews with president lam again. That was great. I have the best mission president ever! We just talked about the people in the zone and how we can help them. I also ran some administrative things by him and he was able to give me some great advice. I was also able to finish a big project that I have been working on for a few months now. That project was to switch where the Tai Wo Elders and the Mand North Elders live. I wanted to do this so that the Tai wo elders could live in their area and not loose as much time going to and from home (it is about a half an hour each way). That should save them a lot of time. It also should relive pressure on the Tai Wo ward and put some more on the two wards up north. I think this will really help everything. It will make me and Elder Ashton's lives a little bit worse because our zone leader stuff will have to be done over the phone but that is ok I guess. 

   We went to Wan Chai again this week. That was nice. My companion had to do some stuff in the area office. This time I got some paperwork done while he was in there. I was looking out the window doing reports with Elder Chen and I was calling out the nice cars that I saw at the same time. 5 Ferrari 4 Rolls Royce 1 Lamborghini. So it was a good day. I also got a few pictures of the Island stuff. I will attach those.  

   We were also told about an art exhibit that the church had in the Hong Kong Culture Center in TST and that if we wanted to we could take our investigators there. So we took one, expecting the exhibit to be huge. It was one tiny corner with about 28 paintings. They were good but there was not a lot. So we were kinda disappointed by that. I took pictures of some of the cooler ones. 

   That is all for this week. I hope everyone had a good conference weekend. 

Elder Walker 

This is a lizard that we have to take care of the bugs. We can't name him because then he is a pet and we cant have pets.

cool paining of Lehi's dream.

cool pictures of the island