Monday, April 25, 2016

Still Alive... Week 36 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This week we had some very interesting experiences, I will just start at the top of my list.

   Last Monday was rough. We were invited over to our ward mission leader's house to eat. He and his family are really cool. (he is also the former mission president) We had a great time with his family and his baby granddaughter while we were waiting for the investigator we invited to show up. The whole time we were watching our watches because we have an hour and a half that we are allowed to be at peoples houses. Luckily the investigator showed up and we were able to share the message but we had to leave right before we ate. It was the most awkward thing I have ever done. Brother Chan was so sad and confused. We felt awful(Also hugely disrespectful in Chinese Culture). But That is obedience for you, not always easy. We made him a card later in the week and he understood, he was just really sad in the moment. 

    We also this week got a specific assignment from Elder Wong (of the first quorum of the 70) to go and visit a less active. That was fun. Unfortunately he was not at home so we talked to his parents and set up a time for this next week so we will see how that goes.

   Then on Thursday we had a meeting to go to a meeting with the bishops wife and meet with a local mentally disabled people place. The actual name is "old person training center" That was an interesting meeting because all the people in the center would just run around and punch each other in the face. So that should be an interesting experience in the next month if I don't get moved. 

   We also realized that mothers day is the 8th of next month which is sweet because then we get to call/skype home so we are all really excited about that. 

  This last Saturday we had a lady come up to us on the street and asked us if we could cast an evil spirit out of her son... so that was new. 

   I also realized that I have been in this area for 6 moths. Which feels like a long time, but also not at the same time... I don't know how to describe it. 

Love you all,
Elder Walker

This is brother Chan. He is the best I love him!
A note from Mom... I've Never seen Gordon with hair THAT short!  Wow!

cool picture out my office at the sky 

same but different...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hillary is a very smooth woman. Week 35 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this week definitely was an interesting one. I will just start right in. 

   So we are teaching a kid named a-key, (his English name is Franch (That's how Gordon spelled it) so we use his Chinese name) and he has been progressing very well. This last week we were talking about coming to church and he said that his schedule was very busy. So we talked about it and he said he would try his best but he wasn't sure if his work would allow him to come. The funny part was after the lesson we got up and were parting ways when he came back and said "I have one question" we said ok and assumed it was going to be a gospel related question he asked "Does your church have any girls?" we laughed and told him that it does haha. We thought that was a weird question. However after thinking about it, it made sense because he has only seen us as the church. So that was a silly experience. 

   Then this week it rained and it rained HARD. Huge thunderstorms pretty much all week. That was a lot of fun to go out in but it was not very effective because Chinese people hate the rain so we didn't get to talk to too many people this week. I think the first day of rain was the worst, though it was fun because we were on the far side of our area and walked all the way home. We were very wet. 

   Since it was raining so hard and no one was out Elder Chen and I decided to go out and take the Less Active list and visit everyone we could. Not that many people received us which was lame. However while we were waiting for the lifts we would have sword fights with our umbrellas. haha good times.

   We also had to make a member cookies because we messed up hard. We had an appointment but I miss read the map quite badly and then we took the wrong train then the wrong bus. So we were an hour late and still had no idea how to get to their house so we had to cancel the appointment after the member waited for an hour. He was very displeased so we made him cookies and a card. So all is well now. 

   Then this week we as a district were doing some banner English class finding. It went very well this week and we had a lot of people show up. However wile we were finding we met a man who talked forever about how much he loved America. Then he started stalking about Trump and Hillary. I will use his words: "I do not like Donald Trump very much but I do like Hillary she is a very smooth woman" It was really hard for us to not bust up laughing. 

   This Sunday I had a new experience. After sacrament meeting I looked down and saw a 4 inch lizard on my bag that I thought was fake at first... Until it breathed and then ran across the chapel. Most people didn't see it though so that was good. 

   Anyway that was this week. We have move calls in 2 weeks so I am interested to see what happens. 

Love you all,

Apron/bib that came in the Birthday Box   (Made by Mom.  Batman is on the other side!)

I got my birthday box! That was really nice!

Attempting to dry our shoes

It was a members birthday


Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me! Week 34 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

This week was awesome!!!! Two big things happened the first was General Conference and the second was My Birthday!

   I will start with my birthday. It started as soon as the alarm went off. They all jumped out of bed and tickled me awake! That was surprising to say the least! We did some weekly planning and I was able to eat some of the cheese and crackers that I bought so that was great. We also found a place that sold IBC root beer so that was amazing! Most of the day was pretty normal until the end. We went and did some banner finding for our English class in Tai Wai, after that we as a district got subway and had dinner together at the church. Then all of a sudden everyone started singing and they pulled a Thomas the Tank Engine cake out of the fridge! it was too cool! It had my name in Chinese and happy birthday in Chinese Which was great! Best thing I could get! (I'm 19 now for anyone who forgot me) Good Grief!  Who could forget this kid?

On another birthday note... Our "birthday box"  didn't make it in time for his birthday.  He assures us he will take lots of pictures when he opens it sometime this week.

   Then General Conference!!!! It was the best! It is so much better as a Missionary! The Tolo Stake gathered in the Stake center in Tai Po and watched the Saturday sessions. We got to watch in English which was really nice. Some of the members who spoke really good English watched it with us. Then on Sunday we were able to watch it in our Sha Tin building. That was fun. In between sessions the ward had a huge pot luck so we got to eat! One of the youth (Michel Chan) came up to elder Chen and I and gave us both something on a stick, and told us to eat. I smelled it and it smelled like dog food! I asked what it was and he said "just eat it!". So I did and it tasted like dog food! Apparently it was some kind of fish...? 

   Also because General conference happened we are allowed to work without suit coats!!! That should make life a lot more comfortable! 

For those wondering what General Conference is.
Twice each year we get to hear from our our Prophet Thomas S. Monson and many other Church leaders/members.  If you want more information you can check out the link and listen to or read the talks that were given. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints General Conference

   That was most of what happened this week. I will add some pictures and tell the stories behind them. 

Elder Walker

Birthday Cake!!!

Me and root beer!!!

These next two will be understood only by those who know me best!

Pretty picture from a Buddhist monastery turns out it was a Chinese holiday about grave cleaning so there were a lot of people there and sweet ceremony's going on!

Then on the way down there were like 30 monkeys! So cute! they got like within 4 feet of us. That was kinda scary but really cool!

The light in our office broke and so we had to have a romantic daily planning session for two days.

General Conference

The room where English General Conference was shown.

Pancakes Saturday morning before conference! 

 picture of a picture of me Shaking hands with Elder Gary E. Stevenson, President Gong is in the background (both of them spoke in General Conference)

The next two pictures were sent to me by Elder Taylor's mother.  Her son is one of Gordon's roommates.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Writing Again. Week 33 from Hong Kong

A note from Mom...  Gordon' 19th birthday is this Friday.  It's his first birthday away from home.  He's excited to spend his whole 19th year in Hong Kong!  We are so stinking proud of the young man he is and we Love Love Love him!

Hello all,

   This weeks letter will be fairly short seeing as it covers a short period of time. Last month we had a list of words that we banned as an apartment (Ex: referring to Elders  as "guys", Dang it, gosh, etc.) and we kept a tally throughout the week, and whoever had the most at the end of the week has to buy a bag of Tim Tams and at the end of the month we would slam them. Well there were a few ties so we had a huge pile of Tim Tams and last Thursday we slammed them! It was a lot of fun but it was hard, I felt sick-ish for like 3 days. So that was rough but kinda fun. 

   Then we had April fools. Which is not a Chinese Holliday, but it is an excuse to prank your roommates. I didn't do anything. However Elder Powell (My district Leader) put my milk in the freezer and then put it back in the fridge while I was in the shower. So when I went to pour my milk it felt like there was something it, but nothing came out! haha that was really funny! He got me good. luckily I had another one in the cupboard, so I just had warm milk haha. 

   We are also very excited because we got a text form the Assistants and they told us that we, after conference, would have 12 hours of AC! that is so much! we are so excited! That will feel so good. Sleeping should be easier too. 

   This Saturday Elder Taylor and I were teaching English class and one of the mandarin sisters investigators daughter "Kathy" Thinks that I am like the best for some reason. Anyway she waked into class and said "Hey Christmas tree! how are you?" haha it was really funny. 

   Yeah this week wasn't too exciting. Good times though. I also forgot my camera so next week will be lots of pictures. We are going to 10,000 Buddhas today so that should make lots of good pictures!

Love you all,
Elder Walker 

Since Gordon forgot his camera and couldn't send pictures, I'm adding some of my/our favorite pictures of him.    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORDON!

Gordon was around 20 months old in this picture.  It's the first time he "helped" me with dishes.

 Dad cutting that curly hair.

Gordon earned his Black Belt in Kuyki-do when he was 13.

 The next two are from our family motorcycle trip all the way up Vancouver Island last summer.