Sunday, December 20, 2015

This week from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well the big news of the week was transfers. No one in my apartment moved. Which is great because we are all becoming good friends and this next transfer is 10 weeks long. So we are going to have a lot of time together haha. The big news of the mission was that the group of 18 or so sisters that came in for this transfer missed their flight. We went in to the office and saw the President and his Assistants just standing around the printer looking exhausted and flustered. When we asked what was happening they said that the new Missionaries missed their flight and that no one knew where they were. They knew they were in the USA but they had no idea where. So that caused a fair amount of stress. They got in the next day and I asked one of the new missionaries how they could possibly miss something that crucially important. He replied that it snowed a foot and a half in Salt Lake so they got delayed which cause them to miss the flight to HK. So that was at least better. 

   One night this week Elder Phung and I were walking around the streets trying to talk to people and we met someone who I immediately recognized as very recently injected himself with some kind of drug I'm not sure which. He was grabbing his arm and when he moved his hand I could see the blood on his arm where they needle had pierced. His eyes were also hugely dilated and I could see it in the way he was talking and answering our questions. I recognized all of this however my companion did not. So when "Tommy" (that was his name) broke and ran for no reason my companion said "that was strange" to which I explained that he was High. The interesting part was the profound desire that we both felt to try and help him. However he was beyond our help.

   The best part of the week though was last P-day we went to a 10,000 Buddha's Monastery. That was awesome. We had an Elder who is a HK native with us. He has amazing English and was able to explain all the symbolism and stuff. We could also read some of the stuff written so that was really cool. That is what all the pictures this week are of. Really cool I hope I get to take my family there some day.

Love you all,
Elder Walker

These pictures are from their trip to the 10,000 Buddha's Monastery

One of his roomie's birthday cake

a Bentley (ooooh, ahhhh)

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