Monday, September 14, 2015

"I've lost count of what week it is" (week 4 from the MTC!

Hello all,
   This weeks adventures include the fact that I decided that Tuesdays are my favorite. This is because there is an awesome devotional every time and there is less time in the classroom or as we have taken to calling it "The Box". Our speaker this week was Gerald Causse. He is the first counselor in the Presiding Bishopric. He gave an awesome talk. In which he shared a story about when he was speaking in front of a lot of mission presidents. He asked them if they would rather have tithing go to 11% and the extra one percent is used for employing a professional force of missionaries who are experts both of scripture and of thAe language, or they keep using the current pattern of young missionaries. They all responded with the young missionaries because they said that they were the only ones who are humble enough to be constantly seeking the Lords guidance and help. So that was really cool.
   The other adventure was what we call "The STD at the MTC" (Secret Tie Draft). Every Saturday night we play this game where we put our name tags in an army hat. Everyone then puts the tie that they are entering over one of the side bars and when your name is called then you get to choose a tie. The catch is that you must wear it to Sacrament meeting and for the rest of the day Sunday. This week there was a tie that an elder made from an old sweater we called it the prison made tie. I ended up with a tie that was good quality but very, very brown. Fun times. I'll include more pictures next week.
   I asked the choir director if there was a way that I could get in to the choir that is signing at general conference. Unfortunately he said that the MTC is not preforming. Oh well. Also fun statistic there were on Sunday 1,076 members of the choir so that was crazy the kind of sound that can be generated.
   Also I forgot to mention this last letter that when elder Oaks spoke he hinted that more than likely by the end of our missions we were going to get a new PMG. So that would be crazy. This Sunday on our temple walk I saw Elder Masse and we got to have a good chat. 
   At the end of one of our class times the instructor called on me to pray and said that I could do it in whatever language that I wanted. Thinking that I would do either Cantonese or English. So he and everyone else was very surprised when I prayed in German! Good times.
   One of the pockets on my shirts tore which meant that I had to do some sewing. I mended it very well and I don't think that will be happening again. So that was good to put my old theater backstage skills to use. I also got a haircut today. It was really fun because they vacuum your head while they do that so that they don't get your clothes all hairy.
  Thanks everyone who sent letters they help a lot. I print them all out and read them many times through ought the week. They really help on the hard days. I'm going to close with a scripture that I found in my Personal study: D&C 90:11

Love you all,
Elder walker  
A note from mom... I've decided not to change anything about Gordon's emails except for spelling here and there.  He writes like he talks and I like that!


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