Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 3 from the MTC!

Hello all,
   This week, our Tuesday night devotional speaker was Elder Oaks of the quorum of the 12 apostles. It was amazing how the spirit filled the room as soon as he walked in. My district and I were at choir practice and noticed that there was a teleprompter so we knew that someone special was coming. He talked about the Plan of Salvation and how critical it is because it can answer so many peoples questions about life. 
   This Friday we got to go and do TRC (Teaching resource center). That was really cool we got to sit in rooms with natives or returned missionaries so they spoke really good Canto. The other cool part about it was they were not playing investigators so we got to just share a message (In canto.) like we would to a member family so that was awesome. 
   By the way I am well now. Thanks to prayers and medicine. Today is Labor day which sucks because the Temple is closed so we can't go today and we look forward to that all week. So we just sleep in for a few hours so we could be OK for the rest of the week. That also means that the store is closed so that is lame because we need pens and things. I guess we can just go it tomorrow. Also they don't give us our mail on Saturday or Sunday. So usually we get it on Monday night but we wont tonight. So that is sad. 
   Last Sunday was fast Sunday which means that they don't serve breakfast or lunch. It was fun though because it was the first time Elder Hill had fasted so that was fun to watch him squirm a little bit.
  Just a little update on my Cantonese. I can almost read Pingyahm now which is helpful. I can have a conversation about religion now which is crazy. It's incredible how well and fast that we are speaking for most of us only hearing the language for the first time less that three weeks ago. Last Saturday Lou Jimuih (Sister Lou) instead of doing a long Canto. lesson gave a lesson on table manors and the proper use of chop sticks. To practice on she brought us dried seaweed and shredded squid. Both of which were very good. The squid was like really salty chicken/corn. (Pictures attached)
  There is also a rumor floating around that since we are the largest group of Cantonese missionaries the MTC has ever seen and there are also a lot of Mandarin elders going to Taiwan and the way that China is behaving that China will open and some of us will be transferred in to southern China which would be awesome. However we don't actually think that will happen just a fun thought haha.
   Also the other guy in the picture is very sick and chose to sleep during personal study. OK love to here from all of you. You have no idea how helpful letters are to us. I'll write next week!    

Elder Walker 


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