Saturday, October 24, 2015

First pictures posted from Hong Kong!

Mom "talking" here....

My heart is so full today!  We followed Elder Walker's airplane online so we knew it landed safely in Hong Kong but we haven't heard a thing from him or his new Mission President. 

Today, President Lam and his wife posted some pictures and a short video of some of the brand new elders being assigned to their trainers or their more experienced companions that will help to train them and get them settled in Hong Kong.

We still do not know where exactly in Hong Kong he's been sent but I'm sure we will find out soon enough.

We may not get a letter from Elder Walker on Monday because one of our general authorities will be there teaching and training them.  Russel M. Nelson is one of our 12 apostles.

I'm going to share the video on our FB pages so you can all see it there!

Here are the pictures with captions from President and Sister Lam

Our 24 new missionaries (this is at the airport just after they arrived)

Transfer week
We have 24 new missionaries and 8 departing this week. The 24 new one arrived the evening of the 20th. We were so busy that day and the APs and office elders were getting things ready for the new apartments that the mission has recently rented. We ended up grabbing a quick bit to eat at a Thai restaurant a few minutes from the airport before meeting them. This is another great group of missionaries that the Lord has sent to labor here. You can see from their countenance. They are eager and ready to serve and to bring people to come unto Christ. We are grateful to have them here, serving with us.

The 24 new trainees

Their trainers


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