Saturday, October 17, 2015

Suprise! This is the LAST letter from the MTC

Hello all,
   Today is a half p-day so that means that we get to do a spot of e-mailing. This week my companion and I taught one last letter to all of our investigators. That was sad. Most of them cried. We got most of them to baptism and the ones we didn't quite get are definitely on their way. 

   In addition we have good news in that no one has said anything about our visas which means that we have them and are definitely flying to Hong Kong this Monday!!! However  there is bad news in that we were supposed to get our real Hong Kong tags which have split English and Chinese but they messed up and had only Chinese. So we will have to get them in Hong Kong when we get there.

   This Friday we had in field orientation. That was a good 10 hours of meetings. It was weird that lots of the people we hosted were there. Everyone was shocked and amazed that we had been here for 9 weeks.

   In our last week we took an LSA (Language Speaking Assessment). I got a 3.66 out of 7. 7 is considered fluent and that was a huge leap from my last score so that was awesome!!! Still a fail but for only learning Cantonese for 9 weeks a little less than half way is great. 

   The events of today were the best though. We started with TRC. Instead of Skyping Hong Kong we got to teach real people and they were the best lessons we have ever taught. We also had our last lessons with our teachers. For the last Hour of the class we had a testimony meeting, in Cantonese of course. It was awesome lots of people cried. We got pictures with our teachers and said goodbye for possible ever. That was sad. I wrote Baak HD a letter thanking him for the awesome lessons that he taught. I will include pictures in a separate email as I am not able to send more than 3 at a time. 

   The other thing we did today was what is referred to as "The tower challenge". This means that we eat an entire tower of cereal as a District. It was awesome. It took 12 people and 15 spoons but we were finally able to finish the 68 bowls it required. Some of the Workers came over and talked to us. They asked how long we had been here and when we respond with 9 weeks and that we were going to Hong Kong, the Workers responded that it is usually oriental missions and missionaries that have just gone crazy and need something to entertain themselves with. So we laughed now our mouths hurt and we feel fat but it was worth it.

   Love you all,

Elder Walker
Brother Smith (teacher)

Sister Lau's love note

Looks like we sent the same phone as his companion's parents.

My LSA results

 My licence that certifies me as clergy for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The items they are abandoning and leaving for the next set of missionaries

The whole district with their teachers

Brother Barker (teacher)

Sister Lau (teacher)
the 68 bowls of cereal challenge

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