Monday, October 5, 2015

Week....Something (week 7 from the MTC)

Hello All,
   So last week I said that for TRC we would be skyping members in Hong Kong. It turns out that not all of them were in Hong Kong but all were Hong Kong Yahn (low falling tone). It went incredibly well. She said that she learned a lot from our lesson and she marked the scriptures that we shared. That was a really cool feeling to know that now when she reads that verse we shared she will think of me and my companion. By the way whenever I say that we teach a lesson it is all in Cantonese. 

   One evening I was in "The Hood" (What we call the bottom floor of our residence hall) popping some popcorn and some elders that are going to Germany came in. It was awesome to speak German again. Unfortunately it was kind of hard because the first thing I went to was Chinese. Which I guess is a good thing.

   Every hour we get 7 min to get out of our classroom which we have taken to calling "the box" and the Koreans who are on our floor were on a break too. Now when I say Koreans I mean native Koreans. To our great surprise they were all brushing their teeth. All 12 of them at the same time. Now it's  3:30 in the afternoon mind you. So we asked one of them "How many times a day do you brush your teeth?" He thought for a moment and said "5 times". We all laughed and thought that was kind of fun. So now every time we see them around campus or in the hall we ask how many times they brush their teeth.

   We learned this week that sometimes Chinese people refer to Americans "White Ghosts" we thought that was silly. One of our RM teachers was teaching us (Baak Hingdai or brother Barker) with our native Hong Kong Teacher (Lau Jihmuih or sister Lau) and he teased her by calling her a banana which is to say yellow on the outside and white on the inside. We all had a good laugh about that.

  It also turns out that Taiwan is not giving Visas to The elders here. So most of them have been re-assigned to somewhere in the states to wait for their visas. We do not expect any of that trouble trying to get ours to Hong Kong.

   General Confrere was awesome. It is much better as a missionary. I think my favorite talk was Elder Holland's about the Divinity of motherhood. Plus sustaining three new apostles was a real treat.  Here is a link to Elder Holland's talk:   Elder Holland's Talk
   Usually on Sunday evening we have a Devotional and someone comes to speak to us. Instead because they didn't want anyone to have to follow the apostles and Prophet BYU vocal point came to sing to us. They had all served missions so they told us some of their fun stories. They also sang my favorite song by them "Nearer My God To Thee".

   There is also a fun thing that happens here at night which is when people get a package full of cookies or treats sometimes they go around to to peoples rooms and say "Law of Consecration?" and we share stuff. There is also a cardboard box on our floor called the Consecration box where Elders who are leaving put stuff that they want to leave behind.

  There are going to be a lot of pictures this week sorry.  Doesn't he know we LIVE for pictures?

The first is What it looks like to plan a lesson.

The second is the computer lab from which these emails come every week.

The third is what Elder McGowan and I did in the awesome rain storm  

Love you all,
Elder Walker

This is what it looks like to plan a lesson

 The computer lab where Gordon writes his emails
The Friday night tie exchange

The mountain Gordon gets to see every morning


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