Monday, March 21, 2016

BAPTISM!!!! Week 31 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This week was a great week. I will just start from the beginning. Last P-day we went to Sham Shui Po to get some stuff because it is always fun there. We ended up getting swords so that we can do workouts with the old people in the morning. So that was a lot of fun haha. Pretty cheap too I was surprised. Then a few of us bought voice recorders so that we can send home recordings of our voices. I thought that my family would like that. I just hope I can figure out how to send them home haha. 

   Also our washing machine is fixed!!! It is completely silent now so that is great! Also washes stuff really well. Which is a good feature for a washing machine to have. So that was nice.

   The weather this week was INSANE!!! We had one day that was 100% humidity and the next day was more than that. It was like taking a shower for 2 days straight. You could run your hand along the wall and it would just be soaking wet. We came home after a long day and had to mop the floor because it looked like it had rained in our apartment! It was at this time that I learned what a de-humidifier does. It worked great. It pulled a bout a full bottle of water out of the air just in our office. So that was a good adventure. 

   This week the best thing that happened was Michelle got Baptized!!!! That was great. We were in charge of the filling the font. The thing was no one knew where the key was so we spent 2 hours at the church trying to find the keys. We were able to find it though so that was good. Everything went off without a problem and the spirit was strong. The bishop wanted us, while Michelle was changing clothes to show the clip of the first vision and bear testimony. So we did and a few people started crying so that was great!!! Her dad has been investigating for a few years now so we are hoping this will help! 

   That is all for this week hope everyone had a good one!

Love you all,
Elder Walker

This is the family and bishop and girl (Michelle) that was baptized

Swords, Elder Powell didn't get one so he's using his finding pen


  1. yep -- People from Oregon have no idea what Asian humidity is like. Its unbelievable.

  2. yep -- People from Oregon have no idea what Asian humidity is like. Its unbelievable.