Thursday, March 31, 2016

And we are back... Week 32 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   I am sorry that in my last email I failed to mention that I would not be able to email on Monday.  I got to go to the temple today so that was awesome! We also found a McDonalds that we ate at that didn't make me feel like I was overdressed! It was supper fancy!

   Anyway much has happened in the space since I have written, so I will just jump right in. So one day they turned off the flush water in our whole apartment building. Which was a new experience. That made for some amusing dances, until we remembered that you can force a toilet to flush by pouring water in to it. So we would just turn on the shower and shoot it in to the bowl. It only took me a few times to realize that I should not use the hot water haha. (not good steam to be hit in the face with) 

   Then the next day the Tai Wai elders (Powell and Taylor) came home from a service project where they were doing something with horse poop. Turns out there was a lot of bugs and Elder Powell ended up with 214 bug bites on just his arms. So they were not very comfortable. 

   I ended up being super embarrassed last Wednesday because we ended up being half an hour late to a dinner appointment. We had a lesson that was all the way across our area and it went slightly long, but he accepted a baptismal invitation so that was good. So we ran all the way to the bus station and from the bus stop to Felix's house and were still late despite our best efforts. That lesson went really well though so we were lucky.

   This last Sunday we were also able to see one of the Tai Wai elders Investigators get baptized that was really cool. We are really hoping that we can keep this missionary momentum and finally get the ward to do some missionary work. 

   I had an interesting experience here in the most civilized city in Asia the other day. Elder Chen and I were walking around and we came around a corner to see that a sewer had burst and there was a river of poop flowing through the middle of the housing estate. So that was unfortunate. 

  I also told my roommates the saying that my mom would say whenever I left the house "Remember who you are!... And don't let it get you down!" and now they say that every time that we leave so that is funny. 

   We all four of us had a funny racist experience. So all four of us elders are from the US, we are all white and Elder Chen is an ABC (American born Chinese) so normal people don't even look me in the eyes because they don't like white people / that's just how they are. So the four of us taught a lesson together because we were not sure which area he lived in and the Tai Wai elders didn't have anything to do so they came with us (which was good because it turned out that he lived in their area). Anyway so we taught the lesson and at the end the man (Mr. Au) turned to Elder Chen and said: "Thanks for translating" in Chinese of course. Which was hilarious because none of us spoke English and Elder Chen didn't repeat anything that we did. haha so that was funny!

Good week I will write again on Monday!

Elder Walker

Tai Wai Elder's Baptism  

sometimes ya just need a good wrestle to get through the week

saw this guy taking his load to Mt. Crumpet 

Temple today!!!

Elder Chen...

We were trying to explain intestines in English class

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