Monday, April 18, 2016

Hillary is a very smooth woman. Week 35 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this week definitely was an interesting one. I will just start right in. 

   So we are teaching a kid named a-key, (his English name is Franch (That's how Gordon spelled it) so we use his Chinese name) and he has been progressing very well. This last week we were talking about coming to church and he said that his schedule was very busy. So we talked about it and he said he would try his best but he wasn't sure if his work would allow him to come. The funny part was after the lesson we got up and were parting ways when he came back and said "I have one question" we said ok and assumed it was going to be a gospel related question he asked "Does your church have any girls?" we laughed and told him that it does haha. We thought that was a weird question. However after thinking about it, it made sense because he has only seen us as the church. So that was a silly experience. 

   Then this week it rained and it rained HARD. Huge thunderstorms pretty much all week. That was a lot of fun to go out in but it was not very effective because Chinese people hate the rain so we didn't get to talk to too many people this week. I think the first day of rain was the worst, though it was fun because we were on the far side of our area and walked all the way home. We were very wet. 

   Since it was raining so hard and no one was out Elder Chen and I decided to go out and take the Less Active list and visit everyone we could. Not that many people received us which was lame. However while we were waiting for the lifts we would have sword fights with our umbrellas. haha good times.

   We also had to make a member cookies because we messed up hard. We had an appointment but I miss read the map quite badly and then we took the wrong train then the wrong bus. So we were an hour late and still had no idea how to get to their house so we had to cancel the appointment after the member waited for an hour. He was very displeased so we made him cookies and a card. So all is well now. 

   Then this week we as a district were doing some banner English class finding. It went very well this week and we had a lot of people show up. However wile we were finding we met a man who talked forever about how much he loved America. Then he started stalking about Trump and Hillary. I will use his words: "I do not like Donald Trump very much but I do like Hillary she is a very smooth woman" It was really hard for us to not bust up laughing. 

   This Sunday I had a new experience. After sacrament meeting I looked down and saw a 4 inch lizard on my bag that I thought was fake at first... Until it breathed and then ran across the chapel. Most people didn't see it though so that was good. 

   Anyway that was this week. We have move calls in 2 weeks so I am interested to see what happens. 

Love you all,

Apron/bib that came in the Birthday Box   (Made by Mom.  Batman is on the other side!)

I got my birthday box! That was really nice!

Attempting to dry our shoes

It was a members birthday


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