Monday, April 4, 2016

Writing Again. Week 33 from Hong Kong

A note from Mom...  Gordon' 19th birthday is this Friday.  It's his first birthday away from home.  He's excited to spend his whole 19th year in Hong Kong!  We are so stinking proud of the young man he is and we Love Love Love him!

Hello all,

   This weeks letter will be fairly short seeing as it covers a short period of time. Last month we had a list of words that we banned as an apartment (Ex: referring to Elders  as "guys", Dang it, gosh, etc.) and we kept a tally throughout the week, and whoever had the most at the end of the week has to buy a bag of Tim Tams and at the end of the month we would slam them. Well there were a few ties so we had a huge pile of Tim Tams and last Thursday we slammed them! It was a lot of fun but it was hard, I felt sick-ish for like 3 days. So that was rough but kinda fun. 

   Then we had April fools. Which is not a Chinese Holliday, but it is an excuse to prank your roommates. I didn't do anything. However Elder Powell (My district Leader) put my milk in the freezer and then put it back in the fridge while I was in the shower. So when I went to pour my milk it felt like there was something it, but nothing came out! haha that was really funny! He got me good. luckily I had another one in the cupboard, so I just had warm milk haha. 

   We are also very excited because we got a text form the Assistants and they told us that we, after conference, would have 12 hours of AC! that is so much! we are so excited! That will feel so good. Sleeping should be easier too. 

   This Saturday Elder Taylor and I were teaching English class and one of the mandarin sisters investigators daughter "Kathy" Thinks that I am like the best for some reason. Anyway she waked into class and said "Hey Christmas tree! how are you?" haha it was really funny. 

   Yeah this week wasn't too exciting. Good times though. I also forgot my camera so next week will be lots of pictures. We are going to 10,000 Buddhas today so that should make lots of good pictures!

Love you all,
Elder Walker 

Since Gordon forgot his camera and couldn't send pictures, I'm adding some of my/our favorite pictures of him.    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORDON!

Gordon was around 20 months old in this picture.  It's the first time he "helped" me with dishes.

 Dad cutting that curly hair.

Gordon earned his Black Belt in Kuyki-do when he was 13.

 The next two are from our family motorcycle trip all the way up Vancouver Island last summer.

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