Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!!! Week 70 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this is my mass letter before Christmas. So MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hong Kong is much much more pleasant to live in in the winter. The weather is bearable now. So that is great! 

   This week wasn't super exciting. I did get to go on an exchange with Elder Darrington. He is one of the Zone Leaders here and is also a Mandarin Elder. Which means that teaching together was a bit of a stretch. I was surprised at how well we were able to teach together. Both of the lessons that we taught together were to people who could understand Cantonese. So that helped me out a lot. I started one of them in Mandarin and introduced myself and explained that I don't really speak Mandarin. She looked very confused so I just said it in Cantonese and then she understood and we laughed. We also went on a very long bus ride to a place way up north that I have never been to before. Like it was far enough away that I saw stuff growing out of the ground! We got of the bus and walked into the village. There was no sound from the road, no sound from people. The whole place was really really creepy. We didn't see a person the whole time we were there. There was just very skinny sick dogs. We walked around a corner and got that "Get out NOW" feeling so we both looked at each other because we were both feeling it, and obeyed and got out fast! So that was really really scary.

   Then this Wednesday we had our ward Christmas party. They had all the missionaries sing songs and things it was really funny. There were also a lot of potential investigators there so that was awesome! 

   Last night there was a choir performance of various selections of "the Messiah". It was REALLY good. I was very nervous because I have been to a few Chinese choir things before and usually they are pretty bad. So I was very happy with this one. It was also a lot of fun because I was able to see some of the members from Sha Tin so that was a lot of fun catching up with them.

   Everyone in my apartment got their packages from their families. So we put all the wrapped gifts under our tree. I am so excited for Christmas! It is just the best. The only bummer about having it here is that there is no real Christmas cheer like there is in the states, unless you go to a mall. It is really strange to think that next year I will be home for Christmas. 


Elder Walker

This is elder Taylor and I at the Christmas Party with one of our investigators. 

The following pictures are the ones I pulled from their ward's FB page.  Fun to see their chapel, stage, food and people!

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