Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 68 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well judging by my inbox I can see that everyone back home is "busy". 

   Any way, this week was nothing special really. I had to do a lot of paperwork closing the last reporting period and opening the December one. I did not think this much paperwork would be involved in missionary work. So that was fun in its own special way. 

   It was Yoshi's birthday this last Friday. So I got his phone number from the missionaries that serve in his home ward. Turns out they completely forgot! So they made me promise that I would not call him until after they did. haha so we called him and sang to him. haha that was fun.

   We also got to give one of the new sisters a blessing. I guess she had something wrong with her foot. That is dangerous because foot problems will put you out of this mission. She will be fine though. 

   I also wrote a letter to Elder Taylor's parents. That was fun. I knew my parents would enjoy something like that, so I figured so would his. 

   We somehow got conned into making Yorkshire puddings for this upcoming zone training. The only problem that we will have is finding muffin trays. If we can't we will go to the backup plan. Which is bananas. They are cheep and easy, and they won't ask us to make stuff for the zone again. So really it is a win win. 

   That's it for this week. Hope every one has a great week next week! 

Elder Walker

This is a very common grocery store. We buy food here. neat huh?

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