Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 69 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This was quite an interesting week. We had a lot of really great things happen, along with some not so great things. 

   To start off the week we had a really great time at Zone Training. Everything had a nice Christmas theme, so that was lovely. All of the trainings were really really good. I am really excited to be working with this new set of leadership. 

   We also had a very interesting experience with an investigator named Lisa. She was scheduled to be baptized on Christmas day. However she ran into some trouble with her parents not liking her joining the church. Remember that she is 33 years old. So we couldn't get in contact with her for a few days and we were really worried about her. So we said a prayer and during the prayer she called us! We were really excited. However the problem came when that phone call was about an hour long and she was telling us how much she hates us the whole time. This was really out of nowhere. Usually her lessons are really funny and we have a good time and all of the members really like her. So we still had a lesson scheduled with her for that Friday so we said look if you want to talk we will be there. So we were pretty sure that she was not going to come. But she came!!! With a cake!! So we ended up having a really good lesson with her. We will have to see what happens. 

   On a more worldly note, Elder Taylor broke our shower this week. I don't know why but there is often some kind of issue that happens with him and the shower. haha This week it was when he turned off the water but the water did not stop it just came out full blast. So we had to call the office and get them to call a repair man. so in the meantime anytime we wanted water we had to go up to the roof and turn it on and off when we were done so that we did not use a LOT of water. I will attach a video. It was quite the experience. 

  We also had our interviews with President Lam. I always love those he is the best. I would love to just listen to him tell me things and stories all day long. 

  That is all for this week!

Elder Walker 

sticker I got this week!

Video of Gordon and Elder Taylor explaining the shower situation
It makes me laugh that almost every video starts with "okaaay"

All the roomies on the roof showing the water pipes and the view

some random lady on the street who was so surprised that we spoke Cantonese she wanted a picture with us. I said I wanted one too. I do not even know her name.

pipes on the roof at night

view from the top of our building 

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