Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Chuffing Pipes. Week 78 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This has been yet another week lived in Hong Kong. The weather was actually a bit chilly this week so that was really great. 

   Well the subject line is a quote from my companion Elder Taylor. We had yet another water based emergency in the Tai Po apartment. This time we discovered a large amount of water coming out from a cupboard under the sink. Turns out the pipe that accepted the drainage from the washing machine came off. So we made a few attempts to fix it  but with no success. So we are yet again out a washing machine until the office elders can help us out. So we can stay tuned for that next week. 

   We had a lovely Zone training meeting. All of the trainings went really well. I gave one and used an awesome analogy to formula one, about starting your relationships with Investigators properly so that everything just goes much smoother. I think it was cool. I showed a couple videos of F1 starts and pace laps. It was fun. I forgot how cool Formula One is.

   Nothing else too out of the ordinary happened.  We were less active finding and accidentally knocked on a members door who was completely active. So we just shared a quick message and had a nice little chat and got out of her hair. I think it was nice. 

   Sister Chen left and so we had a ward party for her. I will put some pictures up from that. 

   Also the sisters form my group left this week. That is supper weird!!!!!! That means that the clock is really ticking now and I am really conflicted about going home.  The sisters that were trained in the MTC with him are the ones that went home. 

Elder Walker

some of these will be of people, but most will be of things. 

Tony one of our Inv. who moved to England this week. super sad to see him go.

Tolo Harbor Zone and a third of the hosts of heaven who were cast out.

sister training leaders and Zone leaders 

the Missionaries and Sister Chen who left.

us and Dennis. One of the members who is supper funny

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