Monday, February 6, 2017

MOVE CALLS Week 77 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well as the title suggests we got move calls last night. That was fun. None of the Elders in the Zone are changing so that is good I like all of them. Some of the sisters are changing and they are opening Tai Wo sisters. Which means that we will get sisters in the district. That will be weird again. One of the sister training leaders is going so we are getting a new one. We are all really sad about that. However there are no mistakes in the mission field so we just press on.

   Speaking of which, this Thursday we got to watch a world wide broadcast from Salt Lake. That was really good of course. They changed the schedule which is interesting. The major change is that planning is now the first thing in the morning, lunch is half an hour, and we only do planning and 30min of personal study on p-day. The changes take some time to get used to but are nice. The thing I like most is the half hour of journal writing time at the end of the day. The thing I like the least is the 30  min of lunch, only because that is less time than it takes just to make rice never mind eat it and be out the door. And you can forget about washing the dishes. There is just not a way to do it. So we end up having to have a crappy second half of language study so that we can actually eat.

   So every month the Zone leaders and Sister training leaders put on a 3 hour training meeting. We learned earlier that that would not be happening anymore so we were not ready when President Lam announced the fact that we will be teaching one this Tuesday!!! By the end of tonight we will have put in about 6 hours of planning. Then add the study time that has suddenly been filled with preparing for this meeting. I am really excited for it though. I am making a really cool analogy to Formula 1. Specifically the importance of the start. That will be really cool.

Gordon would set his alarm and get up in he middle of the night to watch Formula 1 races!

   We have almost come out of the Chinese New year celebrations so that is great. We saw a really cool dragon dance that I will try and send. The drums are supper loud!!!
He didn't attach a video.

That is all for this week!

Elder Walker

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