Sunday, June 18, 2017

Another Brit. Week 96 from Hong Kong

​Hello all,

   This was a week of many things happening. Fist off we had a massive level 8 Typhoon that kept us inside for most of the day. That was fun. Elder Fields and Elder Cox used the time to pack and Elder Stober and I went and played a puzzle game thing. It was a good relaxing evening. If I remember right it hit Monday and as p-day was winding down I felt like I did when I was banking on a snow day. We also used that time to make a video for the Missionaries that will be coming in soon, about what stuff they should and should not bother to bring. That was interesting. (I think they've been out long enough that they don't really remember everything from when they first got there)

   We had our last District meeting with elder Fields as our district leader. That was fun. For the closing song we had Sister Munday sing (she Is Amazing!!!!) and Sister Lee play the Piano (She is a concert pianist). They did "The Spirit of God". It was amazing! I think Elder Cox is going to ask Sister Munday's parents for some songs she sang. Yes, she is really that good. 

   Then Thursday rolled around and we took Elder Cox and Elder Fields to the mission office for the last time. That was weird for them I am sure. I think the next time I go to the mission office with my bags it will be my last time too. That is good. I hate packing and going to Kowloon with everything that I own.  In most places the missionaries are taken to their new area in a van but these guys have to take everything on busses and walk long distances with their luggage.

   I just realized that I forgot to take a picture with my new companion!!! He is a Huge guy from Tonga. Well he looks like he is from Tonga, he was raised in the UK. Which means that he says funny things. Which means that I laugh a lot more. We were talking in our English class meeting about what kind of stuff we are going to be teaching this move. Someone suggested that we work on pronunciation. I looked around the room and counted 3 Brits all with different accents, 1 Australian with his own accent and 2 Filipinos with their own accent. So I pointed that out and the fact that we all say the same words differently. So we decided that might not be the best thing to focus on. haha  

  That was this week. It has been raining non stop for about a week. It is so nice! I prefer the rain to 36 degrees every day of the week. 

Elder Walker

The Video...

Last picture of the 4 roomies

Windows prepared for the Level 8 typhoon

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