Sunday, June 11, 2017

Move Calls Week 95 from Hong Kong

​Hello all,

   Well we got move calls last night... Elder Cox is going to die (going home) and I will be with Elder Fekitoa... To be honest I have no idea how to spell his name. (We googled it so the spelling is correct now)  His dad is a famous rugby player. He is in the same group as Elder Taylor was, and he is from Bermingham. Which means that I have another British Companion!!!! I am so excited I love British people! I will also be the new Zone leader so that means I am off of my 6 week vacation. I really enjoyed it haha. Now it is back to the grind! 

   This was a pretty normal week. Elder Cox had a lot of lasts. That is a cool glimpse in to the future of what will happen to me in just a few weeks!

  Other than that I really don't have that much to report. We met with Wong Pan Pan two times this week. He taught me the rest of the Shaolin form. I will atatch the videos. I forgot the last few moves so that is why I just kind of stop in that one part. 

   Yeah.... I really don't know what else to talk about. Elder Cox had his exit interview so that is cool. We had a good chat with Sister Lam. She is super funny. 

   Sorry guys, that is all for this week. 

Elder Walker

The pictures are self explanatory. 

Videos are at the end

Gordon earned his black belt at 13 years old (he was already 6 feet tall)  so I'm sure he's loving learning the Shaolin form.

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