Monday, June 5, 2017

B-day cake and Temple recommend Week 94 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

  I had a lovely week this week. Last Monday we were able to go to the beach for some beach volleyball! That was a lot of fun. Problem was that the sand was HOT! I don't think that I have ever felt sand that hot. We could not walk on it with bare feet! Most of the Elder's wore their shoes because they are going home in a week but I still have a while so I just wore my socks with the ankle part warped around my foot. That was ok but if I stood still for too long it would start to burn. haha. I was also able to put my feet in the ocean! That felt supper good! I haven't done that in a very very long time. 

   The next day was Tuesday and we got to go on the ward biking activity. I think that is the first time I have ridden a proper bicycle since I learned how to ride a motorcycle. For the first 5 min. I thought I was going to die, but then it all came rushing back and it was a lot of fun. We started in Tai Wai and went north through Sha Tin to Tai Po. So I got to go back through two of my old areas! Which turned out to be useful because the people in charge were not too sure how to get where we needed to go. It was also a little annoying because anytime there was an up hill they would pedal until it got hard and then jump off and walk instead of changing gears. Which was frustrating but other than that it was good fun. 

   Then Wednesday was Elder Cox's birthday. He turned 21. So in district meeting we had some ice cream. Then we went over to the Fife family's house. That was awesome. We had fish tacos and a home made ice cream cake. It was soo good! I like going over to their house because we speak English and forget we are in HK for a bit haha. Then I bought a cake with our roommates and surprised Elder Cox in the normal way. Good Fun. 

   My temple recommend expires this month so I got an interview from President Lam. I had him do it in Chinese so it looks supper cool. There is not a single written English word on it aside from the typed stuff. 

   It was HOT this week. I think it is going to be hotter this week! :( We will see if I survive. 

Elder Walker

Videos are at the end

some of these things are from last week and some are from this week. 

Walking through Fairview Park (the place he was "arrested" last week)

On the Bus after getting kicked out of Fairview Park

Stuck in the apartment because of Black Rain (very heavy rain)

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