Tuesday, July 4, 2017

7日 and JULY!!! Week 98 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This was a great week. I had much less administrative meetings so that was good. That just means that next week I will have a lot. I think this next MLC (Mission Leader Council) will be a good one. We are going to be re-doing the language pass offs or evaluations or whatever they are called now. I am just glad that I am in the clear and that I don't have to deal with the side effects if there are any. I will probably talk more about this next week.

   This week is also the 4th of July!!! So that will be fun. We are going to have pancakes for breakfast and steak for dinner. It should be a good day. haha I am going to wear my American tie again. Much to the displeasure of my British companion I am sure. I wore it to church yesterday and no one said anything so I was surprised by that. Usually someone will say something.

   The first of this month was a holiday in Mainland China and a dismal day here in HK. The holiday if I understand it is "founders day" and celebrates the founding of the Peoples Republic of China. It also celebrated the 20th year of Hong Kong being no longer a part of the British commonwealth and functioning as a colony and its becoming a Special Administrative Region of the Peoples Republic of China. So the Hong Kong people don't really like it and it makes them sad. 

   On another note we met with our Shaolin Monk and he taught us some more stuff. I attached the videos. The stick one is what he taught me before and the hand form is what he taught us that day. He is also holding a martial arts class on the 14th so that should be fun. 

   It is very strange that it is July already!!!! The time is going by so fast!!!! I still feel like a new missionary. Sometimes I feel really old though. Life is weird haha. 

Elder Walker


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