Monday, July 17, 2017

Rain Rain. Week 100 from Hong Kong!!!

Hello all,

  We had a really great week this week. Today is not our P-day which is weird because we are going to the temple on Tuesday!!! So that is awesome! I think this will be the second to last time that I get to go to the temple here, that will be strange. It is such a beautiful temple. 

   I am just going to do things in random order as they come to my memory. The Yuen Long Elders are getting a summer missionary today. Last year they got to live with us and there was two of them. This year they don't live with us and I think that they only get one. That is good for them because that means that they get a walking dictionary. I am glad they don't have to live with us. Most of our houses are too small to add 2 more bodies and last year they stank super bad! So I am glad to be avoiding that this year.

   We also get move calls next Sunday. I really, really don't want to move for my last three weeks. I don't know what I would do. I would probably just pack up to go home and then barely unpack in my new place... Let's not think about that. haha.

   So yesterday we had ward correlation meeting before church and we looked out the window before we left our apartment and we could see mainland just fine so we figured that it was no problem to not bring an umbrella. However as we were going from the Light rail stop to the church we got drenched!!!! I have not been that wet from the rain since I got caught in the typhoon last year. The bishop told us like three times to be careful not to get a cold. We were dry by the end of the correlation meeting. 

   We also had our Kung Fu activity this week. We were worried that Brother Wong was not going to show up but he did! It was a great activity and I am still a little sore. I will send my dad the videos and stuff. 

   Last Monday we went and did KBQ with my MTC companion and Elder Turner who are both leaving next week for school. That will be very strange to have them gone. I will attach a picture. 

   Love you all! I think I email like 4 more times after this!

Elder Walker

Me and my MTC companion. 

me and a member from Sha Tin (MY Old Area)

Elder Fakatou got a hair cut. 

Kung Foo Ward Activity

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