Monday, July 24, 2017

Very Strange Week. Week 101 from Hong Kong

Hello all, 

   Well as the title line suggests we had a really strange week. Sunday was the strangest part by far! We woke up early for our pre church meeting and right when I got out of the shower we got a text that said "Due to the level 8 Typhoon all church meetings are canceled and all missionaries are to stay indoors until further notice". So we were like sweet! We took our time getting ready and then did our studies and did a bit of weekly planning. After that we had a long lunch and played a game called "Bang!" it is pretty fun. then at 2:00 we got the ok to go outside. So we ended up having to go finding for a few hours. That was ok though. I haven't been finding very much lately so It is good go get back on the street. 

  Then in the evening I got moves calls!!!! I will be staying in Tin Shui Wai!!! I was so afraid of moving! But now Elder Fakatou is Senior companion. Which means that I am no longer a zone leader so I get to be retired for my last 3 weeks! I am pretty excited about that. I am pretty sure that Elder Fakatou is going to train in the next 3 weeks! So that is great. 

   We had a pretty busy week this week. I think aside from Sunday we were so busy that we did not have time to do all our studies this week. So that is great! Being busy is way better than having lots of free time. 

   We had 3 families have us over for dinner so that was great because one of them was a part member family so we hope to teach the dad here soon. It is also great because that means that we cook less which means that we have to buy less groceries today haha! 

   Yeah this was a strange week. I don't know how to feel. 
   We also got to go to the Temple this week! That was amazing! I need to go much more when I get back! 

   One of the families that had us over for dinner was the Fife family. The dad is our ward mission leader and the mom is a really, really good cook! So that was great. That is the video I took. 

   I got a little sick this week too. When you get near the end of your mission your body starts to give up on you. Like I had a cold/allergies and threw up one day. I should be ok though. haha my body is destroyed. 

Elder Walker 

Some of the pictures are from the refugee day at Cross Roads a few weeks ago

The other pictures are our district at the temple. Yes it was that humid.

Once again the videos are at the end!

Video of Gordon and roommates leaving their apartment and going outside to the street

Short video at the Fife's house looking at a "jelly"

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