Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This weeks e-mail comes again from an apple store in KOULOON TONG

Hello all,
   One of the major points of new is that this week my companion and Elder McGowan's companion are Zone Leaders so they have lots of meetings so we go on splits a lot. One time last week we went to his area and got fed by a part member family. They were really cool. The 7 year old wouldn't tell us his name so we called him mouuh mame (To not have a name). Their apartment was HUGE it was about the size of my house back home which is HUGE by Hong Kong standards. They were also on the 34th floor and we could see Big 6 out their window. (We call the Chinese mainland Big 6 because that is what mainland literally translates too. We started with some kind of soup with meat and carrots and tree fungus. That was pretty good. Then we had the main course which was a bowl of rice on which you put other things, in this case pork, vegetables and shrimp. The shrimp turned out the be very spicy so I didn't eat too much of that. Then we shared a message about family scripture study and how that would bless their life. The non member father was really involved in the discussion so that was awesome.
   Something kind weird here. There is no Daylight savings of any kind so it gets dark like middle of the night dark at 5:30 pm. So that is interesting.
   This week we also had interviews with our Mission President. When we got to the chapel we were surprised to find that neither of us had keys to the chapel so I had my interview with Pres. Lam in the mission van. Still weird to have the steering wheel on the other side. We read D&C 31 and had a really great discussion. Then I switched with my Companion and chatted with sister Lam about motorcycles so that was cool. She still calls me Movie Star because off the picture I sent in of myself  haha she is awesome.
   Then later in the week elder McGowan and I went on exchange again. we meet 3 people on the train. and chatted with them for a while. They were all very impressed that 2 gwok lowe (Chinese slang for a white person meaning "White ghost") could speak Chinese then one of them wanted a picture with us haha great fun. We gave them our number so we will see if anything comes of it. 
   Last P-day we went to the Bruce Lee museum that was cool. I am excited to come home and be able to watch those movies without sub tittles or dub. 
   For service we helped the ward clean the church. They spent three hours on just the chapel. They go Hard here. Then they fed us lunch. Which was tuna a corn sandwiches. and to answer your question you all have in your head right now... no, no it doesn't. 
love you all,
Elder Walker
ok picture time!
typical missionary lunch

this is a huge hallway with no people in it

 last p day 

This guy showed up while we were cleaning the church haha quite the amusing series of brooms and trashcans and missionaries to get him out of there haha.

 we teach a guy on this floor the round things on the bottom are about 30 cm across

got to go to the temple today! it was in chinese so we had to wear headsets haha
These pictures were posted by another mom on a China Hong Kong Facebook missionary parents page we follow .  They were at the Temple in Hong Kong Monday.


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