Sunday, November 1, 2015

This Week (second letter from Hong Kong)

Hello all,
   Well today this letter comes from an apple store in Kowloon Tong. If any of you are wondering they do not celebrate Halloween in Hong Kong. 

   Last p-day we went to a museum it was awesome I will include some pictures. One of the things we got to see was the document that succeeded Hong Kong to the UK. Supper cool.

   I am really enjoying the city. It is not as hot anymore so that is good. The city is really beautiful at night. Sometimes it feels like we are on a space ship and they just made stuff look like earth. There is no grass anywhere, but there is just enough trees to not go crazy haha. 

   I got to speak in church this week. That was fun and I don't think that I made any catastrophic errors. So the character that identifies me has two separate pieces and I don't know the name for the different pieces so I just he'd my hand up in a 5 because it is the same sound. So later after the meeting the second councilor in the bishopric came up and said "Elder 5 Elder 5" in English it was really funny. All of our investigators are progressing well so that is awesome with any luck if they keep their commitments we should have 3 baptisms this transfer. 

   Another adventure was that on Thursday my companion is a Zone Leader so he had meetings so I got thrown into another companionship and had to cover one of our appointments. Later Elder Cornillis (who is another trainee with me) had to teach a lesson all by ourselves. It went really well. Gift of tongues is real.
This is how he ended this letter.  I'm thinking he sent it before he was completely finished!
I sent Gordon a short list of questions here are the questions and his answers... 
What is your church building like?
Two floors and hard wood pews
How is church in a different language? 
Really hard to understand
Are the hymns the same but in Chinese?
No, they are in a completely different order but the music is the same 
How are your shoes working out?
Shoes are great
How are your pants and shirts working out? 
Is there anything you need?
I don't need anything yet
How is the FOOD??  Anything weird yet?
Food is great, nothing too nasty
Can you guess which door is ours?

Our address We put the address into Google maps and "walked" around on the street where he lives! 

A funny sign in a public bathroom

Me and a cool statue

A map of Hong Kong.  All the light blue areas are man made

Me and my companion
 This is how long the subway trains are. Absolutely massive and they they are packed with people

We got to go to the Island for zone training and this is the biggest building I've ever seen
also we walked by a Lamborghini dealer ship. The only place I've ever seen more Mercedes cars was in Germany 


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