Monday, November 23, 2015

Woo Hoo!

Hello All,
Well this week was a fun one. Last P-day was spent going to the immigration office... I think that is what that is called, anyway we went there and we were issued our Hong Kong ID cards. They are really cool. I will attach a picture if it at the bottom. It has a cool hologram of my face and a computer chip in it that tracks... some kind of information I am not sure what. But it also contains my full legal Chinese name so that is really cool.
Then Elder McGowan and I went on exchanges again. So we had an appointment in this building and we as missionaries have to sign in and show our IDs and tell them about how long we are going to be there. That way we can't tract on doors. However as we were doing this one of the guards leaned over and said "haha they don't understand what we are saying" To which the other guard responded "You idiot they are missionaries they speak Chinese" they then both looked at us and we told them that we do in fact speak Chinese. haha good times being white.
Elder Phung and I had some fun this week because the ward gave us a list of about 30 Less Active members that they wanted us to track down and see if they in fact still lived there. However there are like 5 or 7 people in one building so when we sign in for the reason listed above we say that we are going to visit the person that is on the highest floor then walk the sometimes 20 floors down to the last address we have and then so they don't get suspicious we walk the 20 floors back up. Yeah good times.
This week I also had one of my favorite street contacting experiences. It is when some one comes around a corner and we do at the same time and all we do is say "Hi how are you?" then they turn around and run away really fast. One time I want to chase one and see what happens. Probably nothing good so I wont.
One night this week I noticed something about the doors in our apartment. So I went around to all of them (3) and put my ear on them and knocked on them. One of my roommates asked "Elder Walker are you mental? what are you doing?" (He is from the UK so that is why he talks funny. I then told him that the doors are hollow. He then looked around and did the same thing I had just done and turns out they were hollow haha.
This place is also a car lovers dream I see about 2 Lamborghini a week, lots of Maserati, and a few RR. good times.
Elder Walker

Some questions I asked Gordon:
Do you find and eat candy like you used to?
haha no not at all but I bought some gummy bears which I keep in the freezer and suck on them because it is hot here haha

What can we do as a family here to help you there?
Just the pictures I asked for last week a little worldly news and keep writing me!

What is the strangest thing you've eaten so far?
 tree fungus soup

Are you able to get around pretty well without getting lost?
kinda, I hope so, we have zone 24hr exchanges after thanksgiving and I will stay here and act as the sr. companion so I hope I don't get too lost.

This was in Gordon's family letter.  I thought I'd share it here.
This week I have a message from Elder James. He is one of the senior missionaries who works in the office. This is his 3rd mission in HK. I was talking to him a little bit and he asked me why my Chinese name is what it is. So I told him about Grandpa and he wanted me to tell him that he is supper proud to know me and he is a big fan of the missionaries here in 1956 and in Taiwan and said that he is definitely in Grandpas fan club. (He served here 10 years after grandpa)

picture time:
This is my Hong Kong ID
This was left for us in our apartment and I had a spare 5 minutes so I counted it up and this is what it turned out to be. So we are going to make it our Ice cream fund haha
 This is what boy scouting looks like in HK. It is a natives planner that he left on my desk and I thought it was cool. 
This is my district on Temple day (That is what all of these are)
The assistants to the president are ​in the background


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