Sunday, November 29, 2015

Still Here

Hello all,

   Well it has been another week in Hong Kong. This week one of the best things that happened was Elder McGowan and I went on splits and taught a man named Chris. He showed up on a Kawasaki freedom I believe. Either way it was a beautiful motorcycle modeled after the classic triumph bikes. So I showed him a picture of me and my motorcycle and that made him more comfortable with us which was great. Then we started in on the restoration. He told us about how when he was a little child he and his parents were refuges living in a camp in Hong Kong. So he ended up living with a preacher for some other Christian church that abused him and made him sleep in the hallway and things like that. He also talked about how he was a soldier for a little bit. So to sum it up he was way hard core. We taught the restoration and he got it which was great. He asked us why there was no cross. We explained that the cross is a symbol of death and a sad thing and that the gospel is a happy thing and we have been asked not to use it. He thought that was weird but was OK with it. We asked him to pray because it was getting to an our word vs his word place and that is not a good environment for the spirit to bear testimony so we asked him to pray and he did and said that he felt a really good sense of peace. He also told us that he likes meeting with us because we like his questions and we can answer them where as all the other churches he as tried do not like him because he asks too many questions so that was great.

   On Thursday we had thanksgiving. Which means that our whole zone got together and everybody made some food and we had a feast. While the food was being prepared we all made hand turkeys and made a present for President Lam and his wife. After the meal we had Zone 24s which means we all went on 24 hour exchanges. I stayed in Sha Tin and was assigned a companion that has only been here for one more move than me. So that was fun. However he was doing a 40 day English fast which was annoying when it came to studies and stuff like that. However all of our lessons went great so that was a huge blessing.

   Then on Saturday the ward had a thanksgiving activity. That was fun. It also meant that I had 2 thanksgiving dinners haha. It was great to see some of the less actives and people we have been trying to contact. Then they played a video that was all the youth and bishopric saying what they were thankful for. They even had all their missionaries send in videos. To the surprise of their parents so their parents cried, that was nice to see. Man I love this ward they are so nice and very helpful.

   Elder Griffis who is one of my roommates, He is from the UK, has started calling me Jeremy Clarkson. Which is fun. He says I look like him which is not the best but haha.  
Jeremy Clarkson is/was one of the hosts of the BBC's Top Gear television show.  I think Gordon has seen every episode at least 3 times!

Jeremy Clarkson                                                                                           Gordon Walker

   Also fun fact I have been wearing the same pair of pants for 28 days straight because I only have the one suit. However today we are going to H&M so I can get a black jacket to use with my other pants so that will be nice. 

   Also we are getting haircuts to day. I am really nervous because I have curly hair and my I have no hair cut Chinese haha. Hope that goes well. Assuming he means that they don't know how to cut curly hair...

if anyone is interested my mailing address is:
Elder Gordon Walker
China Hong Kong Mission
18 Dorset Crescent 
Kowloon Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Love you All!
-Elder Walker

me in an ally/ maze/ village thing

pretty park

really cool street

little taste of home

Looks like one of the guys is putting together one of the chairs they got at Ikea

Sisters making a pie at their Thanksgiving dinner with their zone

Me and my companion


The hand turkeys they made for the mission president and his wife

so we have to be back by 10 so at 9:45 we open the door so that if they (the other two missionaries that live in their apartment) are coming in hot they are not late

This is a gift from the Bishop, a greatly needed coupon for the grocery store

Gordon's actual address If you send something to him it should still go the mission home address above

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