Monday, February 15, 2016

This week in China - week 26 in Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this was a fast few days. Though I had many adventures. The first was last p day we met a man who talked to us for like a half hour about how pure cannabis oil can cure cancer. so that was an interesting waste of a half hour. He was supper High as well. meh so it happens.

   I also had my first "numbers" in my new role as Senior Companion. It was a lot of fun. My District Leader is very nice and he lives with me so he was able to explain stuff and it was very low stress so that was good. I just reported my statistics for the week and talked about the names behind them. So that was fun. 

   Then Sunday night we had an interesting experience. I woke up to a bell ringing. It sounded like one of the alarms we have set for the morning. Except when I got out of bed I realized that it was coming from outside our room. I also noticed my watch which informed me that it was 1:30 in the morning. So it was the fire alarm in my building. I stuck my head out the window to see if I could see anything and I didn't smell anything other than the normal amount of smoke. However I did see some people congregating outside. So I flipped on the lights and announced to my roommates that the fire alarm was going off. So Elder Taylor jumped out of bed and came and looked out the window and we watched the two fire trucks pull up and the fire fighters jumped out but they were walking really slowly ya know like not running with hoses or anything. Then the fire alarm went off and people started going back inside so we got back in bed and went back to sleep. We were tired the next day.

   The next day which was Sunday it was my new companions first Sunday in our Ward and so that was fun. I am serving in Elder Wong's (First Quorum of the 70) ward and he came to visit. He was really cool and supper powerful. Gave a great talk in Sacrament meeting as well. The fun thing is that when we were leaving he almost hit me and Elder Chen with his car. So all in all this week my house almost burned down and I was almost ran over by a 70. 

Love you all,

This is a family in my ward and my old companion on his last Sunday in Sha Tin

Last picture of me and my "dad" (in the mission your trainer is your dad and a trainee is a son, it is good for unity)

me and my new companion Elder Chen of Provo Utah

This is the Dragon that was going around the mall last week and in to every shop and blessing them and all the old people

It was supper cool and super loud. There were also some people around it making sure that the Dragon didn't do any thing bad because it is hard to see out of. They are called Dragon Trainers if I understood correctly

cool street scene  

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