Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 27 from Hong Kong!

Hello all,

    Well this week has been an interesting one. So last week after p-day in the time that we have to prepare for bed and such Elder Powell (My District Leader and roommate)  asked me to do something no one has asked me to do before. He asked me to give him a hair cut. I agreed but only if we prayed first. So we did.. and it went... well. Actually not too bad. The problem was that the cutter thing (I forgot what is is in English) was very slow and if I tried to do anything fast it just didn't cut hair. And so I wasn't able to finish it that evening. So the next morning we woke up a little early and I finished the job. I will attach pictures at the end. You may judge for yourself s how I did haha.

   Then later in the week we were planning to go and visit one of our investigators. He was really close to baptism. He also just got over having a stroke and so we thought he was going to live in Sha Tin with his older sister. However he decided to live with his little brother in Tin Sui Wai which is outside of our zone. So we got permission to leave our zone and do a turn over lesson to the elders who take care of Tin Sui Wai. Which meant an hour MTR ride one way and also a charge of $18.50 One way. So it was a long and expensive and sad day. However he is still progressing so that is good. 
   I have a new favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon It is Mormon Chapter 9. You should go read it it is pretty sweet. 

   This last Sunday we went with the High Priest Group Leader (Brother Tzeh) to visit a 94 year old man and to give him the sacrament. That was really cool and my first priesthood ordnance in the field! Also because he is so old he speaks what missionaries call old Cantonese. The biggest way to tell is if when they say "hello" they say Neih hoh or Leih Ho. The latter being the more common version and the one we are taught. however it is an easy pronunciation difference and then no problem. So Brother Tzeh is a little bit older so when we left I tried to ask him which way he had learned as a child. However he responded by telling me that he didn't learn Pingyam (the Romanized version of Chinese so white people can learn it) So I tried again in a slightly different manner. He responded by telling me that he can't speak mandarin so after that I gave up. Now I think he thinks I am an idiot.  

   The biggest thing that happened by far this week is that I called in the missionary equivalent of an air strike. I called in President Lam (my mission president) to help us with a lesson. I did this because the investigator has been investigating since 2006 off an on. He has some genuine concerns and we wanted President Lam and his wife to help us out. It turned out to be the most powerful and spiritual experience that I have had on my mission. The lesson ended up being 2 and a half hours long. It was great a lot of it was using scriptures to discuss what his concerns. So president Lam paraphrased a verse from Matthew 16. and the investigator pulled it up and said that he didn't want to paraphrase the words of the Lord. So then everything after that was an exact quote and president Lam said exactly where it was and everything. Supper cool. Then it got to the end and Elder Chen and I just bore the most solid and most powerful testimony I have ever bore and it was the coolest thing the Spirit was strong. Then at the end the investigator gave each of us a hug. Which I have never seen him do and was super unexpected based on his personality. Best thing Ever!!!! It was all in English too so that was great!

That is all for this week. Love you all!!!


This is a bed of nails

This is me on the bed of nails.  It was pretty cozy and the nails were SHARP too.

Gordon's description for this picture was missing so???

The pre cut

After side view

After front view

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