Monday, February 29, 2016

Move Calls - Week 28 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This week was full of... experiences some good some bad. This week was the end of my second transfer in the field and the beginning of my third. This means that the opportunity arose to be transferred to a new area. WHICH DIDN'T HAPPEN!!!! Which is awesome! I love this ward and all these people and I want to see this area be super productive before I leave it. 

   So this week started with us realizing that the basketball court that we usually use in the morning is closed for a few weeks. So that was a bummer. Luckily Elder Chen and I found another court that is within running distance of our apartment so that is awesome. Otherwise we would have had to run every morning and that would have been awful. 

   Then during weekly planning we found some balloons in our apartment and blew them up and passed them back and forth with the other elders in our apartment and wrote notes on them. That was fun, they are cheep Chinese balloons so they are now just randomly popping in our house which is great in the middle of the night. 

   Then this Saturday we went over to Chan Wei (member) 's house to help him and his son learn English. That is always a lot of fun. Afterwards he will feed us lunch and teach us some thing. Last week it was proper table manners. This week it was some history related to simplified and traditional characters. That was a lot of fun. Then we went to correlation and that was just normal. Then we had another meeting with the sisters in our ward. Which was ok but they were condescending the whole time so that was a long meeting. Then we got a call from our ward mission leader and he told us that he just got a call from a Former investigator that wanted help moving. So we got yanked out of that meeting and had to go and find this guy which we finally did after about 45 min. So he takes us to his house which is supper tiny and sketchy and he said "I asked brother Chan (ward mission leader) if I could move in with you guys but he said that there was not enough room." so we should have taken this as a sign that he was crazy but we just brushed it off. He also had an old woman with him who he referred to as his "thinker" which was strange. He was moving to Aberdeen, which is way out of our zone so we had to get permission to leave. Luckily the answer was no. He also had no plan and had no idea of how to get there. So long story short we had to carry his huge and heavy bags of stuff the 4 mile distance to a buss station and on the way got separated and I completely lost it at him on the phone and we had to leave before we could finish "helping" him. He literally had no plan it was absolutely insane. So that was not great. But English class that night was great. I had them read and talk about a financial statement about Ferrari my dad sent me so that was great. 

   Then the next Sunday. Chan Wei came in to church while we were greeting members and he opened a bag of shelled peanuts. Which I have not had because they are supper expensive here. So I grabbed one and threw the whole thing in my mouth and his eyes got huge! It absolutely blew his mind. So he took the bag over to the other missionaries that were there and had them eat some. They of course opened the shell and bro Chan came back to me and said pretty much "you are a freak!" joking of course it was hilarious. 

   That is the big stuff for today. We are hiking Lions rock today so that should be good for pictures next week. 

Love you all!
- Elder Walker

 District Photo

 Setting up cameras for the district photo

District meeting and a sisters birthday

I tried to make a smoothie but the blender was broken :)

This is just outside.... It's a Batmobile!

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