Sunday, June 19, 2016

This week here in the sweat box. Week 44 From Hong Kong

Hello All,

   First of all HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! Yet another holiday away from home so that is fun. 

   I am glad to report that there was no blood and gore this week. haha

   Well I'll  just get started. The 14th was Elder Merrell's birthday. He turned 21. It was great because it was a Tuesday the Tai Wai sisters made him a cake that we were all able to eat, so that was great! Then one of his investigators came and gave him a little cake. That was really cute. Then in the evening we went to a place called cafe coral. That was really good food. We don't eat at nice places very often because we are very poor, but it was for a good cause so we decided to do it haha. Then in the evening elder Chapman and I went and bought a cake on our way home. So when they were done praying after their daily planning we grabbed the cake out of the fridge and placed it on the table so when he opened his eyes it was just sitting there on the table. That was a lot of fun.

   Then this Saturday we went and did some service with some ward members for a place that takes care of mentally disabled people. We ended up going out to Yun long and doing some gardening. Which means that they all stayed in the shade while the volunteers did lots of weeding. Which was fun because I was able to learn the word for caterpillar. But it was less fun because I got a lot of bug bites and ants in my gloves which bit me the whole time. And it was very hot. So that was hard haha. But I realize that the sooner we were done the sooner we could get back on the air conditioned bus. So I just went supper hard and got it done quickly. Then after that we went to Chun wan and ate really nice food. We helped them eat and then after that they told us that we could choose something to eat so long as it was less than $60. Which is a lot of money because we usually spend $23 on meals. So that was amazing!!! Good times. It was also a really great way to get to know some of the members that went with us. I don't think that I have any pictures but I will see if I can get some sent to me.

   Then this last Sunday we got to see Norton get baptized. He goes to the Ma on Shan ward but he comes to our English class so we all know him. He is really funny and it was great to see him baptized we are all so happy for him. It was really funny because the Investigator we took to the baptism, asked E. Chapman "how can you play soccer? you are so fat!" haha Chinese people are very blunt.

   This week they also split the zones to fit with the stakes. So that caused a lot of stress but all is well. I get to work with a new zone leader so I am really looking forward to that. 

  That is it for this week. I hope you all had a happy fathers day!!!

Elder Walker

I saw this sign and I thought that it was awesome! 

Elder Merrell's cake.

Elder Powell and I tried cooking and it went pretty badly. It looked exactly like puke... not that good tasting either...

Elder Powell broke a stool

it is un-fixable

Elder Merrell wore a members skirt... I can't remember why...

Elder chapman put Elder Merrell's shirt and towel in the freezer... he was not pleased...

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