Monday, June 27, 2016

New Moves!!! Week 45 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well this week was a supper busy one! These are also the last few weeks of this transfer. I already got move calls so I know what will be happening! I will still be a district leader in... Sha Tin! So that means that at the end of the next transfer I will have spent 10 months here. Which means that I pretty much know every inch of this area. haha

   Well one of the more traumatic things that happened this week was that the AC is broken at church. Which means that church was an absolute sweat bath, and when you add the fact that we were in our suits it was even worse! I was supper glad that E. Chapman and I bought Chinese fans so we didn't die completely. So that was un pleasant. Last Sunday was also Sister Alipaos' last Sunday in HK so we did a musical number with all of the full-time and ward missionaries in the ward. and ugh yeah we got a lot of compliments on our accompanist.... And we did to so that was fun. The problem now is that the bishop wants us to do it again in in two weeks when we all give talks. We are trying to talk him out of it so we shall see.

   Then the last three days have been busy enough that we don't have time to eat all of our meals or we just go off of the little snacks that people give us when we visit them haha. Which means that last Saturday we had ice cream for breakfast. haha benefits of being all the way in China is that mom can't stop that from happening! yeah not the best but a less active bought it for us after we played basketball with him in the morning and we didn't have time for a real breakfast so that is what we had. 

   So every week we do something called "English class finding" which means that the whole district goes out together and we all hand out flyers for our English class. and this week the Sha tin sisters brought balloons so we spent a fair amount of time making balloon animals. That was not a skill that I was anticipating on learning on my mission but hey that will be fun to randomly bring up in parties later in life!

   This week also had summer missionaries. Which means that the Tai Wai sisters got two Hong Kong girls as missionaries for two weeks so they have been on exchanges and having  blast. They are so much fun to have around. I hope we get some this next transfer! that would be sweet! 

This has been a busy week! but I would not have it any other way! 

Elder Walker

balloon animals! there is a bit of a learning curve and this was in the beginning and it was really hot which is why I look so gross. 

this is a cool shirt I found last week and couldn't resist the temptation 

 package from home! Those are always the best!

 my fan. $8 HK best purchase of my life!

 me and my fan 

 us and our fans (the selfie stick is true!)

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