Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 43 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

Well this week had many very interesting experiences. Some of which were great! and some which I would like very much not to have again. You will probably be able to guess which is which. 

   This last week we heard about a wonderful place in Shum Shui Po to get hair cuts. So we went and it was $43 HK which is very cheep because our normal one is about $60 and the hair cut was much better! Mostly because they shampoo your head!!! Then the touchup is with a straight razor! Then a straight razor shave! It was so nice! I will never go to the other place ever again! 

   Bad part was we ended up leaving our umbrellas there which means that there were none in the apartment this whole week. Which was a problem because it has been raining quite hard these past few days. So I decided to invest in a small one that I can keep in my bag. So hopefully that goes well. I bought it and it seems to keep me dry so that is good.

   This last Thursday was great because it was a festival! I can't remember the Chinese name for it but it is dragon boat racing in English. So that was a lot of fun to watch as we waited for investigators. I have a fair amount of pictures to show. It made a really cool noise. 

   Then on Saturday we had a rather interesting work out. We were at the place we play basketball just like normal and I was stretching wile watching people ride their bikes down a long bridge with a sharp turn in it that went right by the basketball court. I saw one lady coming really fast and then... well... she didn't quite make the turn and smashed in to a huge cement pillar and collapsed. So I waited for a few seconds to see if she would move but she wasn't moving so I grabbed the other three and we ran around the corner to help her. When we got there she was pined under her bike with a huge cut on her head with blood gushing everywhere. Luckily for her Elder Chapman was a life guard and makes a pretty good medic. So wile we were trying to get her cleaned up the other two ran to get help. When help arrived she declined and said that she didn't want us to help her. So we went back to basketball. However she hadn't left after 10 min so we went back and she had a small mirror in her hand and was trying to clean herself up. I asked if she was still going to work (The reason she declined help at first) and she said yes. So I told her that she needed to go to the doctor. She agreed with me and called her boss to get the day off to go to the doctor. So we helped her carry her bike back to her house and then parted ways. SO yeah, that was a good way to start the day. 

   Then today we got invited by Yoshi to go and eat at another Buffet! Chinese buffets are the best!!! We had lots of crab and eel and lamb and ice-cream and everything you could possibly want. It was amazing! Yoshi is the best! I will also attach pictures. 

All in all it was an interesting week. Hope yours was too.

Elder Walker

this is were I am

new stakes in HK

pretty building

pretty building with pretty sky 

Dragon boats

Same boats, really cool

the company testing the fire alarm in our building has a silly name 

interestingly phrased 

the AC broke at the church while we were having a meeting

the Sha Tin bishop (Bishop Tze) and the full-time missionaries

midway through a 3 hour Yoshi driven feast. He also brought this Chinese medicine that was dried orange peels and it made it so that we could eat more haha pretty fun

final project (Yoshi is on the Right.  He's such a good friend to all of the missionaries!)

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