Monday, June 6, 2016

Two new stakes!!!! Week 42 from Hong Kong

Hello all!

   This week was great! We were able to see a very historic moment for the church here in Hong Kong. We went from four Stakes to six! (for those that are wondering, a stake is an administrative region in the church)
Isaiah 54:2 (2Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes ;) and

Doctrine and Covenants 136:10 (Let every man use all his influence and property to remove this people to the place where the Lord shall locate a stake of Zion.)  

Elder Wong of the first quorum of the 70 presided over the event. We watched it as a broadcast in our new stake center in Kowloon Tong. The whole church in Hong Kong was gathered to watch it. It was incredible!!! I am in one of the newly founded stakes called "The China Hong Kong Lions Rock Stake of Zion" supper cool! I am excited to see what this means for the mission.

   In other news I had a good laugh this week when I was receiving a report from the Tai Wai sisters and they said that they found a new investigator named "Swimming pool" Chinese people have great names haha.

   This week we took the ward mission leader to visit one of our investigators named "Brother Yun"... Turns out he has schizophrenia and is unable to be baptized. So that is pretty lame. We can keep teaching his family though so that is good haha. Yeah I was really not expecting that. 

   This morning It was raining quite hard and we went for a run because it wasn't that bad when we started. However because it is p-day we got up really early and as a consequence a lot of the gates that we use to get around were locked shut. So that made for quite the wet morning haha. 

   This week went quite well, Elder Chapman and I are getting along great and it is so much fun to watch him grow and progress as a missionary. I just wish that we could teach more people so that we can practice our teaching more. I am sure that will come. 

   I hope that everyone else had a great week too!

Elder Walker 

A note from Mom:  In my letter to Gordon I mentioned that last week was the 3rd anniversary of my brother's death and this is his response:
That is interesting that it was the anniversary of Mike's death. I talked about him in a lesson this week for the first time. The lesson was about the Plan of Salvation and the Law of the Fast. I talked about eternal families and fasting for you. The lesson went really well. 
This was so touching to read and made me cry.  LOVE that kid!

this is our new stake center! it just got the outside renovated so it is supper nice now!

pretty sky

same but different pretty sky

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