Monday, July 11, 2016

LIGHTNING!!! Week 47 from Hong Kong

This week was a great one! we had lots of really interesting things happen. 

   The first was that our dear friend Elder Powell dropped the shower head while he was in the shower and he was the last one to shower that day. Which means that once I got in the next day we had forgotten all about it. The problem was not too bad though some water just came out the sides. Then when I had the shampoo in my hand the shower broke completely and got really loud and shot a lot of high-pressure in to my eye which caused me to throw the shampoo in to my eye and yell. My roommates said it sounded pretty funny. but it hurt and the shower was completely broken. So now every time someone showers the whole bathroom gets completely soaked! needless to say we are going to buy a new one today. 

   Then Saturday morning we went over to our new mission leaders house for correlation meeting. He speaks perfect English and we had the Mandarin elders there so we had the meeting in English. Which was fun. He also had some snacks out for us so that is always a good thing. We all had a good laugh when I told him about one of our less actives who is thinking about buying an 18 year old girl for his wife, and another less active that said that he didn't like feeling happiness and loved having sorrowful feelings. Then when the Mandarin elders started reporting they did it in Mandarin which was lame because the whole rest of the meeting was in English for them. So I turned to the sister sitting next to me and said "ohh they have a secret investigator" and the elder that was not reporting switched back in to English. So that was a fun meeting. 

   Then on Saturday night we had the most fantastic lightning display I have ever seen in my life! It was so cool! I got a great video on my camera but I can't send it home so I guess you will have to wait another year. It was super loud and I am pretty sure it hit the building right next to ours. It was super loud and bright and awesome! If I understood right it was a "tropical storm" which is if I remember right a hurricane before it becomes a hurricane. Don't quote me on that though.
Gordon was able to send the video so here it is!  I love hearing his voice! I'm told this is the Southern edge of Typhoon Nepartak that hit Taiwan.

   Then on Sunday we all gave talks in church. That was fun. My trainee was very nervous but he did a great job. We got several compliments so that was nice.

   They also changed the rules a little bit so that we can start learning characters. I am starting very slowly because speaking is much more important that reading. And reading Cantonese is like a whole new language anyway. The grammar and way of pronouncing the words is different so as they say here "slowly, slowly walk".

Love you all! 

Elder Walker

The Chan family! 

One of our favorite less actives that we eat with a lot.

cool building

The sky was super polluted so the sky was red.

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