Monday, July 25, 2016

This week in Hong Kong. Week 49

Well this week...

   This week had some interesting things occur. Last Monday and Tuesday I didn't get out of bed except to teach a lesson Monday night. Which was a terrible lesson. Mostly because I was completely out of it. I also wore a mask and it was completely disgusting after the lesson. So we went and I bought some medicine. Turns out some of it was kids medicine... Took it any way! Then the stuff I got for my sore neck was fantastic! It was an antisthetic (not quite sure what he meant here but so glad it worked!) so I was really careful with that to make sure that I didn't ruin my voice! 

   Then Tuesday I barely made it through half of personal study. I made it just long enough to finalize stuff for district meeting and then I went and threw up for the rest of the hour. Then I got in bed and asked Elder Powell (Zone Leader in my district) to lead district meeting in my absence. That afternoon we got a call from a member in Ma On Shan and it was Yoshi!!! He somehow knew that I was sick and asked if I was well enough to come down and eat lunch. Elder Chapman said that I wasn't so he said ok and told us to come down at 3:30. So I got dressed and we went down and met him right outside our building and he had some medicine which he said was the strongest in Hong Kong and he had some conjee (Japanese oatmeal but it comes from rice and not oats) SO that was great! I asked him how he knew I was sick because I hadn't told anyone and he said "the Holly Ghost told me to visit you yesterday but I didn't" SO that was really cool! Then Wednesday Elder Daplin was feeling sick and I was feeling much better and so I stayed back with him to rest up and take care of him. Yeah I was not a fan of throwing up for two days but now all is well.

 Then on Friday night our CO alarm went of right at 11:00 when we were getting into bed. So we had to get dressed and open all the windows and go outside and call sister Lam. SO that was a long night. We didn't get to bed until 11:50 that night. we also had to sleep with the windows open which means no AC! That was terrible! it was so hard to sleep. but we got a lot of AC time for the next day so that was good. 

Yeah so those were this weeks adventures. Also Today is not p-day because we get to go to the temple on Friday! which means that we can't buy groceries today and we didn't know about that until after. Also the Tai Wai elders are having two summer missionaries so we have no food and two extra mouths to feed. Like, we don't even have enough rice to just have plain rice. So we will see how that plays out.

Love you all!

Elder Walker

A video tour of the apartment. it is quite dirty at the moment due to exchanges and a new summer missionary.

Video view off the AU family house

Our friend Mike who has been teaching us Chinese and is going back to BYU Hawaii

Picture off the balcony of a member house from this week 

Members who fed us and the sisters 

Missionary version of screen shots!
Once again Yoshi is there to love and care for our son!

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