Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 46 from Hong Kong

Dear Everyone

This week was a nice and eventful one. We had moves and I am still here! so that will be 10 months by the end of the move. 

   Last Monday I had a fun experience. We took some of the missionaries who are dying (Going home) out to a pace that is referred to as KBQ or Korean BBQ. It was an endless buffet and it was sweet! I will attach pictures so that this makes sense, but it was an endless buffet, and the way that it works is that you take your plate over and get as much raw meat as you want and then you take it back to your table and cook it right on your table which has a sort of sunken skillet in the middle and then three people cook on it at once and there is all sorts of fun things to eat while you wait for your meat to cook. So that was a blast!

   This last Thursday we said our final good bye to Elder Merrell. That was sad. We still miss him. He finished his service and is back home now. So Yoshi and a recent convert that we are all very fond of took us out to breakfast. That was really fun. That morning for workout we did an egg toss. Now that sounds strange at first and that is because it is. There is some symbolism in it but we mostly just did it for fun.

   Then we did a final missionary tim tam slam! We used some of the leftover hot chocolate my parents sent me for Christmas. So it had  a little minty taste to it so it was really nice.

   Then the first of July is a Holiday here. It celebrates England leaving Hong Kong for good. So that was kinda fun. There are not any huge traditions that I saw. 
   Today is the 4th of July so I have on my American Flag tie and light up pin. So that is fun. I also wore it to church yesterday... minus the pin. haha it is really fun.

Love you all and hope everyone has a safe 4th! 

Elder Walker

Final breakfast with elder Merrell 

This one requires explanation. we were trying an object lesson in which you put an empty tea bag on your hand and then some one sets it on fire and it floats away before it burns you. But it burned my hand and we were trying to make it work before we used it for real and we couldn't get it to work so we left this for our roommates to find. It was funny. I can remember some missionaries doing this in our home when the boys were little.


Final picture of the district with those people in it.



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