Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 48 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   Well I am sick again. I hate being sick. It is a terrible cold mixed with a touch of throwing up. But though this experience I am proud to report that I chew my apples quite well.  Really Son? His comment makes me remember how much I love having sons! 

   Nothing major happened this week. We had a sports night activity in Kowloon Tong so that was cool. The surprise was that when we got home we realized that we had locked ourselves out of the apartment. So we called the office elders to come help us out and we waited down in front of our apartment and started playing catch with the football that we had with us. The sad thing happened when Elder Dapline (of the Philippines) missed his throw to Elder Chapman and the ball went into the street and was run over by a huge truck and exploded. So that was sad. Luckily the office elders showed up. 

    Then our ward had a singing competition and that was a good time. We got to hear things that weren't hymns so that was fun. Good time. It was supper long though. Good time to hangout with the ward members.

   I also had a dinner appointment with some members and they were like "I remember the first time you came over here and you couldn't understand or say anything!" so that was funny. 

  I also started learning to read a little bit so that is fun in church and in lessons.

   Sorry this letter is supper boring. I will try to get better and have a more exciting week this next week.

Love you all!

-Elder Walker

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