Monday, September 19, 2016

Lifts and Piñatas. Week 57 from Hong Kong

Hello All!

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENSEN!!!!!  I am writing this on the 19th and you are reading it on the 18th haha cool. Happy Birthday and have a good one bro! 

   Ok so bad news is that I had most of this e-mail written and then it all disappeared so I will have to be bad so sorry.

   We were going to attempt a 3 day diet of only fruit and rice. We realized that it was expensive and we were all very hungry by the end of the first day so we decided to stop. We also learned that dragon fruit seeds do not digest. 

   This week we did a lot of "Less Active finding". Which means we go to the houses of people who have not been to church in a long time and just check up on them. This led to us going in to a few very sketchy buildings with very very sketch lifts. I got videos of a few so I will attach some of those. For the most scary one I only got a video of the door because it had a man inside and I didn't want to make fun of his house. 

   Then we had a great activity which really helped us find some people to teach. So that was amazing. It was also a great party so those are always great! Our roommates made a Piñata. That was really fun because the Chinese people have never seen one before so they were asking a lot of questions. They didn't quite understand why we did it. One asked me if it symbolizes raining blessings on people. I said "yeah... kinda like that..." haha. At this activity I also learned how to play Chinese chess. Turns out it is vaguely similar to our white people version. I was playing one of the Priests (16-18 year old young man) and trying to figure out how it worked when a member came up from behind me and started playing for me. He won of course, but it looked like I won and it blew everyone's mind that a White dude could beat a Chinese person at Chinese chess. So that was really funny.

   I also want to talk about an awesome investigator we have named Andy. So Andy drives a taxi and the way that that works is that you own your car and the more you drive the more money you make. So He came to all 3 hours of church!!! He lost a fair amount of money so it was a pretty big sacrifice for him. So that was amazing! I am fairly sure that he will be baptized fairly soon. 

 Ok that is all for this week Love you all!

Elder Walker

Sketchy elevator

Water heater troubles

Address of the building Gordon Lives in.  Its fun to "walk" the streets in Google Maps!


Our water heater broke again. So that makes about a month total for me with no hot water at all...

the moon on the night of the mid autumn festival. (By the way avoid moon cakes. the ice cream ones are good but the rest are quite... interesting)

This was a funny name of a lift. it is very similar to a movie title...

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