Monday, September 12, 2016

Still Alive. Week 56 from Hong Kong

Hello all! 

   Well I guess school started because my in box is supper empty haha. It is just as well Nothing really happened this week. 

   This Tuesday I got a visit from Sister Yong (Now whatever her first name is). She and I served together in Sha Tin when she finished her mission. She came back to Hong Kong right before school started just to visit some people. It was pretty funny because she was supposed to buy me lunch. However she was running late so I had to buy her lunch. She paid me back and paid for half of my lunch so that was nice. It was just a short 20 min visit. It was good to remember and laugh about old times back when I was still a trainee. 

    The only other real thing that happened was we got to help a lady move. The Mandarin sisters were teaching her and decided that she would probably learn the gospel better in Cantonese. So we counted that as a turnover lesson. So that will be nice to have an investigator. The move was pretty hard because she lived in a room which was on the third floor and we were helping her move to a place on the fifth floor of another building. Both of which had no lift and we were moving things like a refrigerator, and all manner of cabinets. The stairs were narrow too. Only enough room for one in a row. (that was bad English I know) 

   Honestly other that that nothing really happened. It has been rainy so that is nice to go finding with no burning sun.

   That's really it. sorry for the boring one this week.

Elder Walker

The video is of the new apartment. Fun fact, the average apartment size for missionaries in HK is 800 square feet. That means there are some even smaller that that!!! ​

thisvideo is about the rain storm. The thunder was so loud it set off a car alarm! 

funny sign "ya don't see that in America"

couple neat rainy buildings

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