Monday, September 5, 2016

Tai Po week one. Week 55 from Hong Kong

Hello all!

   Well I am officially transferred to a  new area. It is called Tai Po and is just one area north of my last area. Packing was really difficult because I had lived in that apartment for 10 months so my stuff was everywhere. Though I was quite happy to leave the cockroaches behind. My new apartment is ok. It is smaller and less convenient than my last one which is lame but it is clean and not much smaller so that is nice. Also I ended up not white washing so that was a surprise. 

   The Sha Tin ward was pretty sad to hear that I was leaving. I called the bishop and a few of the members I was close to and they were all very sad. So it was nice to be missed. One of the ward members had heard that I had never had Dim Sum. So they were not going to let me leave without taking me out to that. It is a very popular type of Chinese food where you eat a lot of food and a lot of different kinds of food. There was nothing super strange that I was not used to. Except for the spicy cow stomach, that had a really weird texture and was supper chewy and I was just not really a fan. The pig skin and horse radish was ok though. I have a good picture I will attach. That was with Sister Au and the "Chan wei clan" (That is what we call the kids, they are pretty much all the youth in Sha Tin). That was a really good time. This from the kid who wouldn't even try his own birthday cake until he was 4 and survived on pop tarts and chicken nuggets!

   The day after moves we had Zone conference. It was a super good conference. I learned a lot from it. We talked a lot about sacrifice and repentance. 

   This last Sunday was fun because I started to be able to put some names to some faces. I was able to have some good conversations with the bishop and the first councilor. The benches in the Tai Po chapel are all wood. So it is not the most comfortable. I gave a little introduction from the pulpit so that was fun. Then The gospel principals class was interesting. So, Tai Po is where a lot of Mandarin work is centered. (I live with a pair of Mandarin elders now) Therefore in gospel principals since we didn't have any investigators we had the lesson in mandarin. That was hard. It was kinda a cool language thing though because the lesson and everyone was speaking mandarin, the bishop who was sitting next to me was talking to me in Cantonese, and I was reading the lesson manual in English. so that was good for a headache.

   That night we got invited to a dinner appointment at a sister Wong's house, with the bishop and his family. That was a lot of fun. The bishop wanted to see where I lived so he handed me his phone and told me to find it on google maps. So I did and they thought it was huge! and supper pretty. I was also able to show them the Car I learned to drive on in the drive way. They all said "next time we will go and eat at elder Walkers House!!!" I said that would be fine.

   Yeah, good times in Tai Po. 

   Love you all,
Elder Walker

This is the video from last week that we couldn't open.  Elder Daplin from the Philippines is roping him like a cow.   

this is Sister Au and the Chan Clan

the Sha Tin chapel

the Sha Tin chapel

famous Sha Tin bridge

cool paper lanterns. The mid autumn festival is coming up. So I am eating a lot of moon cakes

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