Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 58 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This has been an interesting week. One of the best things that happened was that in our meeting with Andy (The Taxi driver) we extended a baptismal date and he said yes! With no hesitation! It was awesome!!! We are super excited for him.

   We had our quarterly interviews with President Lam this week. That was great. We had a good long chat about the work and we went way over time haha. He both cried and laughed so that was good. After that I kept remembering the stories I have been told by other missionaries about how in some missions the mission president will go on 24 hour exchanges with the missionaries. I think that would be really funny. 

   This Sunday we also had the assignment to teach the gospel principals class. So in order to prepare for that we had to go and buy 11 nails and a small block of wood. This proved a most difficult task. We had to go to 6 metal shops (like a hardware store but much more grungy) none of them had any nails except for the last one which had them way, way in the back. Then the block of wood was pretty easy. We just walked up to a construction site and asked for a scrap of wood. It had huge nails sticking out of it so we had to get rid of those. I will attach a picture of the completed thing so this will make more sense. The class went quite well and everyone was very impressed. So that was nice.

   Yesterday we went back to the church very late in the evening to teach a lesson. However, the person who we were going to meet did not show up. However, Yoshi was there, and out of his bag he puled a Chinese Chess set and said "I know you know how to play" and then disappeared to wash his hands. The best part is that it is Thomas the Tank Engine themed. So that was supper awesome! Yoshi, I know you are reading this, so Thank you!

   Lets see what else, one of our investigators called me last night in tears and said that she was going to kill her self. She was quite drunk as well. So I spent a half hour on the phone trying to talk her out of it... And I did so that was good. yeah, good experience.

   Then our water heater came back! I don't remember if I said or not but we have not had a water heater for about 10 days and there has just been large wires sticking out of the wall in the shower. But the man came and put it back in so that was great!!! He also told us what was wrong with it... it is in the shower and it is NOT WATER PROOF!!! So that was really dumb of the land lord. Good thing he came and paid for it though. So now we have to be careful with the not water proof water heater. 

   So yeah good week this week. 

Elder Walker 

1. this is a pretty place in our area.
2-3. the nails and block of wood object lesson on obedience.

the nails and block of wood object lesson on obedience

this is a pretty place in our area

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