Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Week 66 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This week was full of... experiences. It started with a really, really great lesson with one of our investigators. It was more or less a "Do or Die" lesson, We have been teaching him for 3 months now so we were really banking on it being a "Do" lesson. He will be having his interview with the mission president this Wednesday. Assuming that goes well he will be baptized this Sunday. I am really excited for that it will be the first person I have taught all the way through and then seen the baptism so I am really excited for him!!!

  We had our ward Thanksgiving activity this last Saturday. On Thursday we had a lot of paperwork to get done that really needed to get done. However I was moved upon by the Spirit and told to go and visit a Less Active family in our ward and invite them to this activity. So I looked at the map and jotted down their address. We took a way that I haven't been before and as we were walking a man came around a corner visibly very very shaken and crying and I guess he recognized the fact that we were "Priests" or some form of religious clergy (which we are), and immediately began to pour out his soul to us. He explained that he had cancer and showed us the lumps on his chest and legs. He also explained that he was too week to get treatment and that the doctors told him that he was going to have to die a long and very painful death. So he told us that he was intent on killing himself that night. However he was also saying that his mom said that if he kills himself that is not manly. While he was explaining this a few people came up behind him and made motions to us that he was very crazy. So we prayed with him and gave him our number and talked him out of killing himself. 

   Then when we got to the building we were originally trying to get to I realized that the house number... was not there and that I had not written it down! I managed to recall the floor number but not the room. So I made up a room number on the form to get in and when we got up to the floor the families door was open and we were able to look inside and I was able to recognize the house I had been to only once before. And they were home! So we were able to invite them to the activity. 

  On a sweeter note in relation to that activity we had the responsibility of making caramel. So we have spent the last few weeks trying and failing at making it at home. Eventually we got a good method down and taught the whole ward how to make caramel. So that is a good load of stress off of my back.

   Now this next Thursday we have our missionary thanksgiving. Elder Taylor and I have been assigned to make 5 cobblers for that activity and we have been given HK$50 to do it. Which makes about $6 US. this is going to be a thoroughly ghetto Thanksgiving.  

Elder Walker

Thanksgiving Activity

Me in an alley

Me not in an alley
This is a cool shot. I don't think you can see it in this picture but you can see some buildings in mainland. (I was on exchange with elder Garcia and we were up in Sheung Shui)


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