Monday, November 14, 2016

Tortillas? Week 65 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   This was an interesting week indeed. To start things off, everyone back home chose the new president. No I will not make any political comments. However It was really fun because it was Wednesday for us when the election was happening. That morning my British companion woke up and said "I had a dream that Trump won the election 59% to 41%. So we laughed. Now, we don't use the internet at all except to email once a week so we had no way of knowing who was going to win/ how the race was going. So we spent the day texting each other the news we heard from people on the street. finally at 4:30 HK time our roommates got a text from a member and told us who won. haha so that was kinda fun. We actually got the text in a lesson and I looked at it just to see if it was life threatening and the preview of the text said "Its official President" Then it was killing me the whole rest of the lesson. haha silly things.

   So this next Saturday our ward is having a thanksgiving activity and they asked us to cook and prepare all of the food. So we were planning on spending a lot of time cooking and shopping this week. However our mission president found out and called our bishop and said "you are using my missionaries wrong" So now we are not making food for this activity. Instead they asked us to make caramel at this activity. Now we don't know how to make caramel, so we made a few tries and ended up with what tasted like caramel/vanilla fudge. So we are just gonna do that instead. So we will see how that goes next week.

   So we had a few people not show up to our appointments this week which was annoying. However one of the times our person did not show up the Mandarin Elders ran into the room we were in, and begged us to help them. So we being missionaries decided to lend a hand. Help them do what you ask? make 150 tortillas by hand!!!! I was in charge of flipping like I usually am on taco night. problem was that I was working three pans at one time. And the spatula I had was no use at flipping them so I just had to shake the pot/ pan in a way that the tortilla would fly about 2 feet in the air and flip like that. So that was good fun.

   Last night we had a lesson at one of our investigators house. She decided to cook us dinner. SO while she was cooking we tutored her 11 year old daughter in English. Haha that was really fun. we had her tell us stories and stuff and it was fun. Then I would write a story on a paper in English and then she would translate it in to Chinese. Or I would write in Chinese and she would translate it in to English. However sometimes I would miss a stroke in a character and she would correct me, and I would say that it was pretty close. Then she would spell a word wrong on purpose and say that it was pretty close. It was really cute. Then during dinner I had to do a lot of translating. Elder Taylor is new so his church Chinese is pretty good but his everyday Chinese is not there at all. Which is completely normal. It was fun though. It is also fun to see how far my Chinese has come in a little over a year. 

Have a good week!

Elder Walker

Last p-day we went bike riding with our roommates. This is the bike we rented. it was really good fun

a short video of them riding the 4 person bike

this is me posing on the bike    Nice face son....

Me and my new companion Elder Taylor. Some people say we look related

this is a giant Koon Yam statue

the tacos and stove set up

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