Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Again Week 67 from Hong Kong

Hello all,

   I hope that everyone had a lovely thanksgiving. This week was great because it started to get cold!!! I haven't been chilly in 8 months. It dropped to about 69 degrees and we put on our sweaters. I much prefer Hong Kong in the winter. 

   This week we had our Zone Thanksgiving party! That was a lot of fun. We were in charge of making cobblers. That went surprisingly well. We were assigned to use the kitchen in Tai Po to prepare then carry the 6 cobblers for the hour of travel to the Sha Tin chapel. We made 2 peach, one banana, 1 mango, 1 apple and one pineapple. We were kinda skeptical about the pineapple one. turns out it tastes great! So we spent the morning cooking those as we did our studies. Then we got to the party. Our Zone leaders had prepared an "un-talent show" That was a lot of fun. In short it was a bunch of stupid skits or things people had to do. For example we had one of the sisters from Korea tell a story in Korean and another sister (who spoke 0 Korean) translate it. That was funny. One of the better ones was one of the Zone leaders doing impressions of people from different countries... in Chinese. He did Frozone from The Incredibles and Obama. Then he asked for requests. I yelled out "Bill Cosby being taught the restoration!" Which he turned in to me teaching Bill Cosby the restoration. It was really funny. Then we got to the part where I asked "has there been anything in your life that has caused you shame or guilt?" and he looked at me and laughed really hard thinking about what to say. and he then just broke in to Bill Cosby's chocolate cake routine! It was hilarious!

  Then I did my dumb thing and it was just as the mission president and his wife arrived. I had to look at a spoon in the air and spin really really fast and then drop the spoon and step on it. I will include a video. It was a blast! 

   Also It was elder Garcia's birthday so we got him a cake. and we put relighting candles on it! That was really funny!

Elder Walker

Gordon doing the spin then step on the spoon thing

Elder Garcia's Birthday Cake with relighting candles

Thanksgiving food! Everything was hand made!

scriptures I am memorizing in Chinese

Our roommates made a turkey piñata 

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