Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy New Year!!! Week 76 from Hong Kong

San lihn fai lohk!!!! (Happy new year! with no tones)

   Well this was an interesting week indeed. We had Chinese new year. It is a week or so long celebration which started on Saturday. So today is day 3. Which means that most of the shops are closed. So that will make buying groceries an adventure. It is a good thing that the members are in a good mood and like to invite us over for dinner during this time of the year. Welcome everyone to the year of the chicken! (or rooster but there is no difference in Chinese) So that was fun. However because it is new year most of the people we meet with are busy or in mainland or something like that.  

   Last Monday we had our yearly deep clean. That was fun. We completely re-arranged the furniture and stuff. I think we might have made it worse. That or we just changed the problems that we had. One new problem is that Elder Taylor has had a broken desk for a while. So the housing elders brought him a new one. It was from Ikea and therefore he had to build it. To be fair he did quite well. aside from putting the top desk surface on backwards. So now there is a hole right where one would normally write things. haha he was so sad. It is not fixable so no going back now. 

   I went on exchanges with Elder Harding. He is one of the district leaders and he his hilarious! SO that was a lot of fun. While he was here elder Darrington did his eyebrows. So that was fun hahaha. 

   We also had a meeting with the sister Training leaders to talk about new key indicator goals for the next month. I was really glad that we did that, because last night when elder Darrington and I were totaling the numbers and things we definitely did not have time do talk about it so I was really glad that we had done that. 

   More next week!

Elder Walker

This was one of my language studies this week. It is the sacrament prayer in Chinese

this is our ghetto dryer exhaust pipe

Elder Taylor trying to build his desk. you can see the hole I am talking about.
Good grief!  That is one messy apartment!

Elder Harding getting his eyebrows done part 1
This made us laugh!  Who knew this was a thing that Elders do?

Elder Harding getting his eyebrows done part 2

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