Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day. Week 91 from Hong Kong

Hello All,

   This was a great week! It will be short one this week with pictures.

   I had a great Skype Call with my family!!!! It was awesome! All my friends were there too!!!! It was so much fun!!!! I Love everyone today!!! We are super excited for Elder Cook next week too!

haha just kidding, no photos this week! Next week!

He forgot his media card!

Elder Walker

I'm attaching a couple photos I took during our Skype call.  We surprised Gordon by inviting a lot of his friends to join us for the call.  Sounds like he loved it!

We didn't have a great connection this time but we LOVED talking to and seeing him!

Elder Walker, his brother and the friends that joined us!

 This is when he realized all his friends were there!

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