Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I got arrested this week... Week 93 from Hong Kong

 Do not worry I will explain in a bit. Also I forgot my camera so can't send home any pictures/ videos. So that sucks, that was going to help me tell the story. So I guess that will happen next week. This week we were very blessed to be addressed by Elder Cook of the 12 Apostles. That was super cool! I recorded the whole thing and it was supper amazing to see him. In his traveling party there was Bishop Wadell of the Presiding Bishopric and Elder Sorez of the presidency of the 70 and the Asia Area Presidency. We got to Shake all of their hands. They all gave us great instruction. There was a Q&A part too. we only got to ask 3 questions but they were good ones so I guess that is ok. The coolest part by far was the Closing testimony by Elder Cook he talked about what it is like to be called a member of the 12 and bore a very, very special testimony of the Savior. Coolest part of the week by far. 

  We also got to have interviews with President Lam. That was really cool. The problem was that it was on a Wednesday. Which just so happened to be the day that we had a huge rain storm! It got up to black rain so that meant that we had a few hours that we couldn't go outside. That meant that President Lam was 2 hours late and so was everyone that was supposed to come. So The schedule was completely messed up. But we had a good time together. Sister Lam showed us pictures of President Lam when they were newly married and that was funny to tease him for. 

  The other big thing that happened was that Elder Stober and I went on exchanges again. This time it was in the Yuen Long area. We were taking a bus to someplace when we passed a place called Fairview Garden. Elder Stober mentioned that he had always wanted to go in there. So we jumped off the bus and walked in. The little place felt a lot like McMinnville feels. We walked for a while and ended up next to some guard posts. Elder Stober said that we should probably just leave  but I said we should at least try. So we just walked right in! We were very surprised. I thought for sure they were going to tell us to leave. So we walked around inside the fence. It was a HUGE American style Neighborhood! I have not been inside one of those in forever. I have videos that help me explain that I will have to share next week. So we walked around for a long time and we saw a few guards but no one stopped us. Until a car stated following us so we tried to loose it by walking down some random back streets and eventually lost him. But as we turned a corner a car pulled up with flashing lights and we were caught! haha The guy called for backup because he saw that we were white guys and thought we could not speak Cantonese. SO we explained that we just walked in and were enjoying the scenery and not really preaching to any one. Then the head guard showed up and we shook his had and were very polite and they were to us in return. So we explained that we had thought if they stop us walking in then we shouldn't come here but they didn't so we thought it was ok. In the end they escorted us to a bus stop and we were on our way. They also took our ID numbers and we are now on their black list. I have never been on a black list before. haha it is kinda fun! 

   We also started a Korean Class. That is fun. Korean is designed to be easy and reading at least is way easier than Chinese but I am more comfortable with the Chinese.     

Love you all!
Elder Walker

He forgot his camera AGAIN so I googled Fairview Garden in Hong Kong. 
These are the pictures I found.

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