Sunday, May 7, 2017

New in Tin Sui Wai. Week 90 from Hong Kong.

​Hello all,

   Last Monday was super cool! We went to a Guan Yin monastery. It is this supper cool one made by the richest person in Hong Kong. The main attraction is a huge statue of the goddess Guan Yin. It is actually just about the same size as the statue of liberty. It was just the coolest thing ever! I took a lot of pictures so you can see those. It was also near Buddha 的 birthday. So that was cool. There was a lot of people there so that was not the best but that is ok. There was also a few cool statues of baby Buddha that one could bathe. I did that. It was interesting. I got in trouble because I did not know that there was a procedure but I finally did it correctly. There was also this place where we went in the monastery to copy Buddhist scripture as a form of meditation. That was a mistake it took about an hour and a half. My hand hurt super bad afterword. 

   After that on Tuesday we had a combined district meeting as a zone to start and the 3 sisters that went home gave their "words of wisdom" (Things they learned on their mission) It was super good. I also was able to say goodbye to everyone. I was really sad to leave. 

   Here I am though in Tin Sui Wai it is the smallest proselyting area in the world right behind temple square. I Live in Yuen Long and go to church in Hung Shui Kiu. The whole place has a completely different feel to it. We all get the West rail pass and after that travel is free on the Light rail (We take that a lot) the MTR and MTR buses. I get really lost a lot but it should be fine. My companion Elder Cox and I get along great. I will kill him at the end of our 6 weeks together (He will go home) Then 9 weeks and I will go home. Super, Super weird!

   We had church yesterday and the Chapel is so nice! It is huge and feels way better than the one in Tai Po. The benches have padding too! It was actually really hard to not fall asleep. The Bishop asked me to speak so I did. I am much more comfortable  doing that in Cantonese now. 

   Next week we get to skype home!!! I am so excited! It will be my last one in the field though so that will have a strange feel to it. But yes Life is Hot! 

   Next week I will send home a video of the new house. We Live on the 28th floor but they don't count the 4, 14, or 24 floor. Chinese people are not a fan of the number 4. Good thing I am elder 5!

Elder Walker

There are too many pictures to explain. Sorry. The people are Jeremy (Member I was friends with) Elder Harding. Elder Chen (Former Companion) 

"Quick" video of the Tai Po Chapel. (The one he went to before his transfer)

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